11.26.18 Mary Magdalene’s Message

Greetings my beloved, yes it is I, Yeshua. I bow to each of you, and say thank you for holding the space of love for this planet, and for bringing your beautiful light onto the earthplane. This is such a difficult time for many, as the earth is recalibrating her energy. She goes through these cycles of transformation, just as each of you go through your own cycles, and this is a very difficult time of purging and clearing. Many of you may begin to feel this ascension symptoms, and you may feel a bit off-balance. You may have physical symptoms affecting your body. This is transitory and is a part of opening your heart chakra and your mind to the truth of who you are. You are beautiful spirits that are now aligned to the energy of all that is. I thank you for allowing yourself to stand in the truth of who you are, and to be brilliant light bearers who are holding this frequency and this energy for all to ascend and this planet to move forward.

There has been a great deal of dissension and difficulty with the transferring of power from the Sacred Feminine energy, from the disharmonic frequencies of the masculine energy. Mother God is now bringing forth her energy at 100% strength. There is such a pouring of energy, of the frequency of love, compassion and mercy that is being transmitted and infused upon this planet at a most rapid rate. Perhaps you are feeling this expansion of your heart and mind, and the expansion of your own emotions. Allow the energy to enter into your heart chakra, and begin to feel this sensation of energy of Divine, Sacred Love, as Mother God brings her light and her frequency onto this planet. This is indeed so needed.

The energies of the old patriarchal order are breaking up at a very rapid rate. There is much chaos, and there has been much chaos on this planet for some time, but there is a purging and a clearing of these old energies at a faster rate. This is why you are seeing more of the chaos within individuals, and within the physical earth, with the earth changes happening at a most powerful rate. Just as you have witnessed the fires in the State of California, and other earth disasters that are occurring, this is a clearing of the old energies from the earth, and purging the frequencies that no longer serve. This will now begin to happen to you individually as well. The intensification of the Mother energies that is being brought forth onto the planet at this time is causing a purging within each of you. It is as if the old energies of shame, blame, anger, fear, resentment, rejection, loneliness all are being brought to the surface and purged. Whatever is held inside of you that is not of love and joy is now being cleared and being purified. As you call in this energy of love, compassion, mercy and peace, breathe this into your heart chakra, and allow your heart to begin to open, to feel this energy of sacred balance, of Mother energy.

Begin to allow your heart to open to this powerful frequency of love, begin to breathe it into your physical body, allowing yourself to calm your emotions and calm the physical sensations and the ascension symptoms that are affecting you. Perhaps you are filled with fear, perhaps you are filled with anxiety, perhaps you are filled with a sense of dread, or perhaps you are having physical sensations of heart palpitations, shortness of breath, headaches, and aches and pains within your physical body that seem to linger and not release. We ask you to allow the energy of Mother energy, of Mother God’s energy to bring this frequency into your body, bring it into your heart, bring it into your soul, bring it into the essence of your being, and begin to breathe in peace.

Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, allow this powerful energy of love now begin to surround you, to protect you, and to bring you in holy alignment with all that is. This is the time to return back to sacred balance and to allow the energy of the frequencies of this great transformation, of all of your ascension processes to now more forward. In the year 2019, each of you will become new earth species, new earth beings. You will hold a vibration within your essence that is much lighter, freer, calmer and at peace. You will begin to walk on this earthplane as the ascended master that you are, as the masters of wisdom that you are, as the world teachers that you are, as the beautiful light bearers that you are. Each of you walking in frequency and in alignment to all that is, as if you are truly angels upon earth, masters upon earth, walking in your power, walking in the sacred light of that which you are holding upon this earthplane. Be not frightened of this transformation, be not frightened of the purification, be not frightened of what you may be feeling within your physical body, or within your physical mind, or within your own heart. Begin to release. We ask you to let go and let God.

Greetings my beloved souls, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. I come to you on this most auspicious day bringing the light of Cosmic love and grace upon you. This is a very important time for each of you to feel this energy of Cosmic love and grace, as if you are truly surrounding yourself and embodying yourself with Divine Holy Grace. That your physical, mental and emotional bodies all are in order and all are as it should be, as everything is in divine grace. Please take a deep inhaling breath, and feel the peace, tranquility and love as your heart opens to this frequency of Divine, holy grace. Know at this time, the energy of the Cosmic Mother stands with each of you as you are now feeling the love of Divine Mother, that which has held you back, perhaps each of you have not felt the love of your physical mother, perhaps you have not felt the love of the Cosmic Mother, perhaps you have not felt the tranquility of motherly love. As if it is a healing balm, I ask you to allow me, Mary Magdalene, to bring you the frequency of the cosmic ray, of the seventh ray, bringing this frequency of the seventh ray as the cosmic light, love and peace. Bringing this frequency into your physical embodiment and allowing this peace to now enter and calm those aspects inside of you that are in needed of healing.

Breathe Dearest Children, breathe, breathe Dearest Children breathe. Breathe in this powerful frequency of the seventh ray, calling in the energy of the Cosmic Mother, calling in this energy of power, calling in this energy of total grace, breathing in this energy of peace into your being. This is a time of powerful transformation, this is a time of powerful healing, it is a time for each of you to step forward and say yes, that it is for you to allow the energy of the Cosmic Mother to embrace you, so that you may return to love and joy. This is your birthright Dearest Children, love and joy. As many of you know, Yeshua’s teachings of the 12 Mastery Teachings have brought forth the lessons of love and joy, and it is time for you to realize that this is your birthright. The Cosmic Mother Love is to be brought forth into your embodiment, so that you may live in the strength and the joy of the true essence as an Ascended Master, as an awakened one, as an angelic being of light on this earth plane. So allow us now to begin to clear all that no longer serves you, and begin to release those attachments and those energies that are of the lower vibrational frequencies, that are tied to the earthplane. As if the energy of fear, negativity, greed, anger, jealousy, gluttony, any frequencies that are truly not of the purest light can now be purified.

Dear One the earth is going through her purification process, and she is in need of each of you to be of the purest of frequency, as you are assisting her in her transformational process, and as you are assisting yourself in this transformational process. We are here as your guides and teachers to help you along your journey, so that you may be pure of heart, pure in your physicality, so that you may walk upon this earthplane in balance, holding the energy of the Cosmic Mother, holding the frequency of Divine Grace, of the Cosmic Father. It is the energy of the Cosmic Mother that is now being bombarded upon your planet. So much atrocity, so much fear, so much confusion is now being overlaid within the hearts of so many, and the Cosmic Mother is here, allow her to gift you with peace. It is time for your to be the peacekeeper and the wayshower for others, holding the space of love for all to receive. Holding the space of love for all to receive. Holding the space of love for all to receive. Please allow the energy of the Cosmic Mother to enter in through your heart chakra, and begin to feel the warmth of the love and the healing and the joy. Remember, joy, joy, joy. Joy is the totality of all that is, it is the expression of God. It is the expression of all that is. It is truly why we say joy to the world. This is a powerful frequency, to allow to uplift all souls into their true essent state. Today this frequency is being brought forth to each of you.

Many of you have been going through this time of the void, where you are being purified, as they say, and you are moving through an existential state of loneliness, confusion or perhaps despair. This is a part of merging into your light body, and living from the true essence of your soul. This is a major transition for many of you, as you are moving through the void. You are shifting from your lower self, and you are lifting your consciousness at a rapid rate, and others will begin to feel and sense your energy, as if it is truly palpable. As if your energy is angelic and pure, and others are able to feel it. You do not have to say anything, it is simply your presence that is your calling card. Your presence and your vibration are felt. People will feel it from a distance, they will feel it in your presence. They will feel it in the world that you are doing, through the books you have written, through your channelings and your teachings, your leadership skills. All of you who are bringing forth your energy onto the planet in a myriad of ways to help assist the world, your vibration is now moving forward into a more powerful frequency, and more and more will be drawn to you as if like a magnet. Others will be drawn to you magnetically for they will feel your energy from a distance.

You will magnetically draw to you all of the people, places and circumstances that are for your highest good. It is all in Divine Grace. This will take the worry from your physical minds of what will be happening to you next in your journey. You will simply be magnetically drawing to you all that is in Divine order, all that is the highest good, all that is for your sacred purpose, and for your alignment to truth. This is the order and energy of Cosmic Mother nurturing you, watching over you and helping each of you to be in the Cosmic egg, as if you are now truly in the energy of divine balance, of the yin and yang, of the Mother/Father energy. You are aligned to this frequency of the Cosmic egg, and this powerful frequency is of grave importance to each of you. Breathe it in, feel it in your heart, feel the opening and the expansion as you now place this frequency in your mind’s eye, that you will draw to yourself once again all that is for the highest good of all concerned, all that is good and in divine order for yourself.

This is a powerful time as you move forward into your new year of 2019. This is a beginning point for many of you, this is an awakening point. This is a powerful time of transformation. You are each holding the energy of the Cosmic Mother, and we want you to feel this energy, as you feel the presence of the love that you are, feeling the presence of the love that you are. This is a time of great transformation, and it is a powerful time of healing. Yeshua and I stand with you as we bring the divine grace upon you, we bring the divine grace upon you, we bring the divine grace upon you. This is a powerful time of transformation, it is a powerful time of healing, it is a powerful time of joy. Joy to the world. Feeling this powerful time of joy. Holding the light, holding the love, holding the energy of all that is. Feel the energy and feel the peace. Feel the transformational light of all that is. Feel the peace, feel the love, feel the transformational energy of all that is. It is truly a time of awakening, it is truly a time of healing, it truly is a time of the light of Father/Mother God to enter into your being. Begin to feel this peace as you surround yourself with joy. It is that which each of you are moving into, and know that you move into this next year, your light body and your physical body will now become more ethereal. You will truly be walking as an ascended being on earth.

Between now and the beginning of 2019, please allow yourself to begin this purification process, however you choose, begin to prepare yourself, because you are all needed at this time to hold the energy for this planet. All of you are in different locations, and you are anchoring your energy onto the earth. You see the energy frequency that you are now holding, are now webbing and connecting to this frequency. There is a web of energy that is connecting each of you to one another, and across the globe. This is the energy of the Cosmic Mother anchoring the energy of love and peace to these regions. There has been discordant energy in all of the world, but you have chosen to use your vessel to hold the frequency of love very powerfully upon the earthplane. Those that are here in the State of Florida are truly calling forth the powerful Atlantean energy, in the purest form of the Atlantean civilization, to once again return to this planet. As all come together to now bring this current civilization into higher consciousness.

You are consciously holding this frequency and it is an important time for each of you to move forward, and it is time for you to acknowledge the power of who you are and why you have come to this planet. To serve and to be served. Take a deep breath and breathe in the frequency of love, breathe in the frequency of peace, breathe in the energy of the Cosmic mother, and allow it to heal your heart, mind and soul. You are truly a conduit here on earth. We know it is difficult to be on the earthplane with all of its challenges, that is why we come together to bring you joy, and to connect you, so you may be at peace. Remember, you will draw to you all that is yours. You will draw to you all that is yours, all that is in Divine order, and every aspect of your life journey and soul journey will now begin to unfold clearly. All of you will begin to receive more blessings than you can imagine, that are bestowed upon your soul. It is time that you accept the energy of the Cosmic Mother and allow her to embrace your light within your being, and embrace the love upon your soul. Time is of the essence and there is no time to waste. Feel this energy and feel the purity of your heart. This new year you are being transformed, and there is great anticipation and excitement as you move into your rightful place and position. For many who have felt the void, been displaced, or felt confused about where you are to live, what you are to do, where you are to go, the year of 2019 you will now come into your rightful place and find yourself back at home again, home within your heart, and everything will be in perfect alignment. This is our promise and covenant onto you.

We thank you for your time and your attention, and we thank you for the love that you are holding and bringing onto this planet. All of you are anchored onto the earthplane in your perspective positions, you are all bringing forth this frequency of Divine mother love so that the earth can now begin to feel this generosity of love, peace and tranquility, and not give up hope, for the Mother is serving all of you. Return to love, let your heart open and return to love.