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11-25-19 Mary Magdalene Message

December 2, 2019

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene, Yeshua is here as well. Kuan Yin stands with us as well as our friends and family of light of our dolphin friends, for there is much here to be brought forward upon this day, of honoring and bringing forth compassion upon this planet. As you continue with the frequency and the energy of the celebration of the gateway of the 11/11, honoring and bringing in peace, we now call in Kuan Yin and our family of the dolphins, these beautiful mammals who bring kindness, compassion and healing to this planet. And so know that at this time, it is of grave importance you begin to open your heart to the healing and energy of compassion, compassionate action, that is so needed upon this planet. I would ask you simply to take a deep, inhaling breath, and begin to open your heart to compassion, your heart beginning to open and expand in compassion, first for yourself, and then for another. Simply begin to take a deep, deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in the energy of compassion, and kindness, and generosity. Breathing in the energy of compassion, kindness and generosity, allowing yourself to open your heart to compassion, a divine frequency that is indeed most powerful. As beautiful Kuan Yin holds the divine essence of compassion, she holds the energy of divine mercy and divine grace.

So Dearest Children of the Light, as you feel this energy of Kuan Yin, the Mother of Compassion, she will help you today to be able to live in harmony and unity with the love that is, surrendering into that love. Each day as you center your energy into compassion, Kuan Yin is here to help you, as each of you are beautiful souls and have the power to co-create a beautiful life through which your soul can radiate and uplift others, reminding yourself and others that the way of love is healing, that the ray of love, the energy of compassion, the way of love will heal all fear. Each of you are a source of life, healing and wisdom upon this planet, and that as you are now standing in the essence and resonance of your own peace, may you feel the energy and the life of beloved Kuan Yin. So begin to feel her energy and essence of compassion, beginning to open your heart, and as the dolphins have come forward, and they are jumping in delight as if they are excited and in great excitement that you are moving into this frequency of compassion and joy. Living freely into your divine essence, living freely as a beautiful being of light, just as the dolphins, each of you are messengers of light and messengers of healing, and messengers of compassion, compassionate action.

So today begin to open your heart and begin to feel compassion for yourself, for all that perhaps you believe that you have or have not done, that is not in alignment to your God essence, to your I AM presence, simply begin to surrender those judgments about yourself, about your life, about what you feel is not in alignment to the truth of who you are. Perhaps feeling that you have made mistakes or missed the mark. Or somehow are not doing what you are being called to do. So we ask you to hold compassion for yourself, so that you may move into the truth of all that is.

And so Dear Ones yes, it is I, Kuan Yin. I come to each of you to activate your heart chakra, to activate your compassionate heart, your merciful heart, your tender heart. The dolphins are swimming around you, the dolphins are excited, they are all surrounding you as if they are your totems, helping you to feel this energy of excitement, freedom, joy, bliss. The dolphins are not afraid of extinction, the dolphins are not afraid of what is happening upon this earth plane, the dolphins are in alignment to this moment, to every moment of bliss and joy and compassion. It is why as you see them in the water, and they are singing and they are in delight, living in the moment, living in the present energy as if they are absorbing all the light, all the love into their being. Not worrying about the future, not worrying about the present, not worrying about the past, simply opening their energy to compassion and kindness and love for the world to begin to absorb. To begin to embody. And so today as I Kuan Yin come to you with the assistance of the Supreme One, I am known as the mother of compassion, helping each of you to become enlightened. So today as you begin to feel this energy of enlightenment merge within your consciousness, that all there is is now, living in the full expression of now, living in the moment, allowing your heart to expand to all the good that is in the world, all the peace that is now flooding this planet, all the love that is flooding this planet, and yes the compassion.

Just as Mary Magdalene and Yeshua have opened and created the portal of Sacred Union, so that your heart can open to yourself. I Kuan Yin come to now place a seed of compassion within the portal of your heart, as if your heart chakra is now seeded with even greater love and compassion. Allowing yourself to let go, and has been said, of your judgments about self, judgments about your life, judgments about the world, judgments, judgments, judgments. It is all in divine compassion that the world is moving through its own trajectory, planet earth is moving through her own trajectory, and she will take care of herself, just as you will take care of yourself. Mother Gaia knows what is needed to return to balance, the dolphins what it is like to live in balance, and humans must take their lead from the dolphins. I say must, only because it is necessary that each of you begin to understand that your life is what you wish it to be. Create moment by moment by moment with love and compassion and joy within your heart. Create moment by moment by moment with love and compassion within your heart.

So today as you open and allow your compassionate heart to be felt, first for yourself and then for another, allowing the portal of that which Mother Mary, Joseph, St. Germaine, our beloved Yeshua, beloved Mary Magdalene, St. Michael, beloved Kryon, priestess Isis, beloved Metatron, all souls, all ascended beings, all magnificent beings of light who are coming to help assist you, they have activated the portal of compassion within their hearts, if you could witness and see the compassion that all have for humanity and all of life, it would cause you to weep in humbleness, for you see humanity has fallen away in fear of separation from their oneness. So Dearest Children know at this time, that today I Kuan Yin and our friends the dolphins, the family of light, are here to support you. So that you can continue on. This is the week of the celebration in your United States of America of Thanksgiving. Giving thanks for all the abundance, and gratitude for all the abundance and your freedoms, family, love. Giving blessings and thanksgiving. So today as you open your heart, thank yourself, thank your soul. And open your heart and be not afraid. Open your heart and be not afraid. Open your heart and be not afraid.

Once again, allow your soul light to shine more brightly on this planet so that you can live more from your heart and less from fear. Live from your heart and less from fear so that you may weave the golden future, you may weave the golden light of your own enlightenment, and your remembrance of who you truly are, into your soul pathway. So today Dearest Children as you stand tall and stand proud, be not afraid of life. Be not afraid of your own mental mind, be not afraid of your emotions, be not afraid of anything, simply invoke the energy of peace, love, compassion and mercy, and bliss and joy. And divine compassion, into your energetic frequency, as if your aura is now filled with bliss, tranquility. As this is your calling card, this is your signature vibration, that which is held within your energy field you will draw to you, your golden future, you will weave the future golden. You are this frequency, and you draw to you all that is magnificent, be it radiant health, abundance in all aspects of your life, with your finances, with your relationships, with inspirations, talents, all that you are in your multi-dimensional being shall now come forth and be aligned into your consciousness. As if the energy of the infinite you is now aligned into your compassionate and merciful heart. The essence of your oversoul, your multi-dimensional self and selves are all aligned into your compassionate heart. Can you feel your heart beginning to expand? Giving thanksgiving and gratitude to your soul. That you are here by divine appointment, and that it is your time to receive. So today I Kuan Yin come forth, bringing forth compassion and love, bliss and joy onto you. The dolphins are dancing in delight with joy and tranquility, peace and harmony, for their excitement that you have now stepped forward into this vibration, such as they, that you have enlightened yourself, you have raised your vibration, you have ascended into their frequency and let the lower frequencies of fear, negativity, judgment, pain and sorry behind. You are living in the honor of your beautiful over soul. Living in the honor of your beautiful over soul.

So today Dearest Children of the Light, as you wish to call upon me Kuan Yin, I am known by many names, the Mother of Mercy, the Mother of Compassion, but I ask each of you to feel this frequency of love that I bring to you upon this day. Honor, honor, honor yourself. Allow the gratitude to be felt upon your soul, and so as I step back and allow Mary Magdalene to finish the message, I thank you Dearest Children for allowing me to speak, and to share my healing onto you, as I stand with you and the dolphins, you may call upon me and you may call upon your dolphin friends at any time, when you are in need of love, joy, bliss and peace. Go now with the light and the remembrance that you are love and you are loved.

Dear Ones it is, Mary Magdalene. Our beloved sister Kuan Yin, we honor and we bless her for all she brings forth the humanity, and for all life. And our beloved friends the dolphins, the magnificent enlightened ones, who know the truth of living in an enlightened state of peace, grace and tranquility. Today we bring this into your energy field, bliss and joy, harmony and grace, and just as Yeshua and I have opened a portal, through our own divine sacred union, today we open the portal with Kuan Yin of compassion, and with the dolphins, bringing compassion to this earth, spreading compassionate action and kindness, opening the hearts of others who have been separated from their oneness, by life. It is time for the world to return back to chivalry, to respect, to gratitude, to honoring all life forms, not just focusing on self-gratification. So it is time, Dearest Children, that you begin to feel this frequency again within your being, calling it into your energy, to hold compassion for those who are suffering, those who may be different than yourself, those who think differently, believe differently, look differently, and act differently than yourself. For you see, all souls are individuated, but we are all one. We hold the same thread of divine love, and we are asking that you open your compassionate heart, so that you can return back to that divine thread of divine love and be the love in which you were created to receive.

Go forward with the understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be, as you feel this presence of divine grace upon your heart. Feel the compassion and tender mercy, first for yourself, as has been said, letting go of judgments, and allowing yourself to feel this freedom, to simply be. May the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. So today feel this energy, feel this peace, feel this tranquility upon your soul. Hold this as a remembrance of who you truly are, that you are a divine child of light, and you are love and you are loved. Go in peace, and be still and know that you are a God and a Goddess, an enlightened messenger here to share your light onto the world. Go in peace.

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