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11-18-19 Mary Magdalene Message

November 25, 2019

Greetings Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, it is I, Mary Magdalene. Yeshua is here as well. We say to you Dear Ones, that as this energy of 11/11 has been emitted around the globe, that the powerful frequency of peace, love, harmony and balance is now covering the planet like a blanket, like a covering of a beautiful frequency of Divine Love and Divine Peace. Just as in your wintertime when the snow covers the ground from a fresh snowstorm, and the beauty of the snow over the landscape bring the peace and tranquility onto the land. This is the energy of the vibration that was emitted at our last gathering, and for each of you Dearest Children this energy is now being embodied into your consciousness, into your subconscious and into all aspects of your being. So I say to you Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, please allow yourself to receive this frequency, for each of you are now being shifted into a higher vibrational frequency of Divine Line that will transcend all negativity. As you allow yourself to be gifted this gift upon this day, may you hold within your breath, and may you hold within your intention that you are love and that you are loved. That you are love and that you are loved. May you hold the vibration with your intention that you are love and you are loved. Truly may the love of God surround you, and the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well.

So today as we stand with you and we stand beside you, may you allow us to lift your frequency and your vibration into this energy of peace so that you are no longer affected by the distortions and the energies that are around you, that are not in resonance with your own vibration. Just as has been spoken, you are able to hold your light, to hold your love, to hold your frequency in the darkest of places and discordant energy, and not be affected by the frequency. So I will say this again, you are being assisted in raising your vibration by Yeshua and myself, so that you are not affected by the discordant energies on the earth plane, or by other individuals, people, places or things, that are not in resonance to your vibration. Therefore Dearest Ones, this is the gift that we are gifting you today, so that you may be at peace, that you may be the vessel of peace, that you may be the vessel of love that you are here to be, that you are intended to be. We ask you Dearest Ones to hold this within your consciousness, and with your understanding that there is nothing to be frightened of, but we are placing a seal of protection around each of you, so that your own energetic frequencies are protected, just like the cloak of invisibility that we have told you about many times before, where if you are in danger or feel uncomfortable, please place the cloak of invisibility around you and you will be invisible to those who wish to harm you.

So today as we place this seal of energy around you, you are being gifted this vibration because of your dedication and your willingness to serve, and to be served. Today as you hold the light within your third eye begin to see the light that we are bringing to you, so that you may share this light onto the world, like a lighthouse, each of you are like a lighthouse, helping others to find their way. As you hold the peace and the love and the tranquility within your essence, you are helping others to find their way. One by one by one, like a lighthouse, your light is emitting energy and frequencies to others, so they may find their way here on this earth plane, so they may find peace and tranquility, comfort and love. So as we say to you, Dearest Children, that all that you have done to prepare yourself to raise your frequency to this new level is now being received. Upon this day each of you are being shifted and elevated into another consciousness, into another frequency, into another vibratory level that will allow you to hold more light within your body, more light within your consciousness, and to be at peace at all times, without being distorted by other peoples’ energy fields, without being affected emotionally, physically, energetically.

As we have said before, there are many souls unbeknownst to the world that are transmuting the distorted energies on this planet for humanity. Many of these beloved souls are advanced souls who are becoming physically ill with many diseases, with cancer, with Parkinson’s, with rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s, dementia, to name a few. These beloved old souls are transmuting the energy of the distortions upon the earth plane by acquiring these diseases and transmuting these energies in their physical bodies, in many ways sacrificing their personal lives and their health for the collective of humanity and all of creation. This may seem to be implausible and many may dispute this, but we say these beloved old souls have come to the earth plane to transmute the energy of the distorted energy upon the planet, and for some, this is how they are doing it. They are choosing to transmute these frequencies, creating illness or disease or distortions within their own personal body for the greater good of humanity.

So this is a bold statement, as we say, but it is truth. So perhaps you can see your fellow brother and sister in a new light, as they are suffering and sacrificing their own lives for the greater good. At this time, we say that there is another way of transmuting this energy, and so we are gifting this to each of you today. As if we are placing a beautiful diamond light seal of energy in your third eye, there within your pineal and pituitary glands we are placing this diamond light energy that will enable you to transmute negative energies from your energetic field, and you are not affected, it will not affect your physical body, your mental body, your emotional body, your energetic body. You are then sovereign over your own energetic field. You are able to go anywhere in the world and be sovereign over your own energy field. You may make a choice if you wish to stay in a frequency that does not seem compatible, but it will not affect you. The negativity of others will not affect you, the lower vibrational frequencies will not affect you. You will begin to feel the attributes and the higher frequencies of peace, love, joy and harmony. This will begin to affect you, in a sense this will become heightened, so for all of you, you will not be affected by the lower frequencies but the higher vibrational frequencies you will be more attuned to. You will feel more joy, you will feel more happiness, you will feel more contentment, you will feel more balanced. This is what people have been waiting for, for the year of 2020, this is what many are feeling, this sense of a new vibrational shift, this is the energy that is being gifted to humanity, and you today are privy to this information and to this energy. All those who will listen will receive this as well. One by one all souls and all sentient beings on this earth plane will become immune to the energies around them. As if they are no longer affected by the negativity, they are no longer affected as empaths who have not been able to transmute other peoples’ frequencies.

All of you are empaths to certain degrees, you are being given this gift of transmutation. And so as you begin to call in this frequency of the diamond light, that is now being gifted to you in your third eye, you shall receive this special healing and compensation that will allow you to move forward into your life stream, with greater strength, endurance and love that you’ve ever felt before. This is a powerful, powerful clearing that is being gifted to all those who choose to receive. So today as you feel this level of intensity and this level of purity, know that within your own soul, that you are receiving this vibration because you have earned the right to receive it. So I ask you to take a deep breath and claim this, and bring it into your consciousness, and begin to trust and allow and receive this gift, that wherever you are, throughout the rest of your incarnation and throughout eternity of time, you are sovereign over your own energy field, and you are not affected by lower frequencies and vibrations that are not of your match and vibration. You do not have to think about this, you do not have to constantly protect yourself, but you may choose to do so if you so shall. We place this seal around you, as it is a permanent seal of protection and an energetic frequency of divine proportion.

What you choose to believe is up to you, what you choose to accept is up to you, but we gift this to you today, as a gift of allowance, for you have given and given and it is your time to receive. We gift this to you now as we allow you to move through your life stream.

We say to you Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, that this energy is very powerful, that is now being brought forth into your energy fields. We are sorry for the disruption, but as we have implanted this within your energetic fields, it was like a lightning bolt had hit you, and your telephone and receiving devices, and so know that at this time, that this is of great importance, that this energy, that we have promised to you, will protect you in your life stream. There is no reason to worry about being affected by energies that are discordant, and also you do not have to acquire any diseases or mental loss such as dementia or Alzheimers to be able to transmute these energies. You may choose how you wish to remain sovereign over your own energy field, and so today this powerful frequency is extremely potent, and as you stand in the light and the love of God’s healing energy upon this day, you are blessed and anointed with God’s love, as each of you are creators of your own life stream, and now as we say, each of you can move through the world, be in the world but not of it. You can move through the life stream and not be affected by other peoples’ frequencies.

Even during the time of Atlantis and Lemuria, when the Great Fall occurred and those civilizations were destroyed, because of the darkness, those souls that were holding the light for those civilizations were not able to be protected in some ways from the adversity of the energy, but now, in this current time, in this current civilization, you have reached a pinnacle where you are able to be protected, and you will not be affected by the group consciousness, or the collective consciousness that is being emitted upon the planet minute by minute, moment by moment, second by second. If you could understand or see all the energy that is being emitted upon the planet, with every thoughtform, and if you could understand that this is affecting you in more ways that you realize, that is why we are gifting you this gift, that is why we are bringing this transmission to the world, and why the world is in need of this understanding, so that peace and love and harmony can be the most predominant frequencies on the earth. For you see, within the next 10,000 years, this planet will have completed the experiment of being the free will planet. The planet is to return back to peace, harmony and love. In way ways, this is the last hurrah for Mother Earth and for civilization to complete its cycle of free will.

So today as you enter into this state of consciousness, and you realize that you are a free will being, and you are much more powerful than you can imagine, that you will choose to remain sovereign over your own energy field, and that you are in control of that which enters into your energy field. By this seal of protection that we place over you, you are protected, because of your due diligence and because we need you to hold the energy of peace and love upon this planet, now that this energy of peace has been emitted in a more powerful form, in your last transmission on November 11, 2019, in preparation for the year 2020, that we are now bringing this frequency to you. What a gift that you are receiving. You may not understand this completely, but we are bringing this frequency out of our love and devotion to you, and because of your love and devotion to Mother Gaia, and to all of creation. So again, for those who are on the call today, those who will listen, those who wish to receive will be gifted this healing, and truly know that the love of God surrounds you, the power of God protects, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. This is a powerful transmutation of energy that is occurring upon you on this day, a powerful transmutation of energy that is occurring upon you on this day. Your lives will never be the same again, this is the gift that we bring to you, your physical lives will never be the same again, you’ll have more energy, more clarity of purpose, more clarity of understanding what is happening around you and in your world, and you will be able to move through your mission work and complete the trajectory of your life purpose without distraction or distortion.

So trust in the divine wisdom that we are bringing to you, trust in the divine wisdom that we are bringing to you, trust in this divine wisdom that we are bringing to you. This is the energy of the wisdom keepers, you are all the wisdom keepers holding the template of peace and love for this planet. So this is our gift to you, this is in preparation for the new year of 2020. So simply breathe in this frequency and call in the love, call in the peace, call in the tranquility. May the energy of the Living God live in inside of you, and may you feel this transformation as it is occurring upon this day. Your physical body will begin to respond, you may begin to feel lighter and lighter and your own chakras, your own meridian system and all of your cells within your physical body are being light. More and more light is being infused into your system, and your own light body becomes brighter and brighter, and as we have said, you are like a light house and others will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame. You are like a light house, more and more individuals will be drawn to you, and your work will become more potent and more powerful and more healing, whatever you are doing, as we have said before, the vibration of peace is felt within your energy field, through the soles of your feet, whatever you touch, whatever your thought forms, they are of peace. They are like droplets of rain that are being left onto the world, wherever you travel, you are leaving your energy for others to feel and to receive. Know that we come to you and bring comfort and joy.

So today know that as you bring this vibration of comfort and joy into your life stream, that your heart now is open to receiving all of blessings that are within your cosmic bank, more and more blessings, more and more miracles, more and more shifts of consciousness are taking place within your being, and so your eyes will become brighter, your skin will illuminate, and your voice will continue to hold the resonance of peace, love and harmony, as the energy in which you hold is powerful. And continue to know, Dearest Children, that we have gifted you this gift, because you have been the warriors of light, holding the light for this planet for eons and eons and generations of time, lifetimes and lifetimes, and now this powerful gift is being gifted to you today, as you are part of the legion of St. Michael, as you are part of the galactic federation. You are not alone, you have never been alone, and yet today this infusion of energy is monumental, and so as you accept this gift, be at peace, be at peace, be at peace, and truly know that you are loved, loved by all of creation, loved by Yeshua and myself, as you know that we are the twin flames holding the template of peace and love for this planet. It was our mission collectively and individually, and each of you are a part of our collective light, holding this powerful frequency in your own template, in your etheric blueprint, bringing peace and love to the world. Now go my children with joy within your heart, and accept this beautiful gift upon this day. Do not worry, do not over analyze it, simply receive it, surrender, trust, allow and receive this gift that we give to you today, surrender, trust, allow and receive as we give this gift to you this day, go my beloved children with love within your heart, and know that we are so grateful and we are in gratitude to each of you for all that you have done, all that you have brought forward, and so we thank you for your beloved, beloved devotion and dedication to the supreme one and to Mother Gaia, we honor you, we bless you, now go in peace.

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