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10-2-2017 Mary Magdalene’s Message

October 2, 2017

Greetings, Dear One, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. My beloved Jeshua is here as well. As we come forward to you today we extend our love and our hearts to all those that have been in harm’s way, including those who have been injured and killed most recently in another mass shooting in your Las Vegas, Nevada, and to all those who have been in harm’s way with all the natural disasters and tragedies. What we wish to bring forward today is the energy of reconciliation, reconciliation of the heart, of the mind, of the body, of the soul. This is of great importance, Dearest One, that you begin to bring this energy of reconciliation into your energy field, to reconcile all that no longer serves you, and to begin to listen, to listen to the still, quiet voice from within. What is your soul asking you to do? What is your soul calling you to simply be? Yes, Dearest Children, the art of listening, listening to your own soul, your own heart, listening to the awakenings of the stirrings of your spirit, which is in many ways what we call a lost art. It is of grave importance, Dearest One, that you settle yourself and begin to relax and listen to your soul. This is what guides you each and every moment of your day, listening to the stirring and the calling of the soul.

And so, Dearest One, I ask you to take a deep breath, and begin to breathe into the essence of love, breathe into the essence of love. And breathe in the essence of peace. And breathe into the essence of joy. Breathing in the energy of transformational light and healing. Allowing your mind, your body and your spirit to begin to heal, and to restore itself. To bring the energy of the Living Light of God into the essence and into the presence of all that you are. And so, I ask you, Dearest Children, to take a deep inhaling breath and begin to listen. It is of utmost importance during what we call these troubled times to begin to listen to the soul, do not allow the mind chatter and the obligations of what you believe you have to do, that you must do, and are required to do, to get in the way of listening to your soul’s calling. Begin to breathe, Dearest Children, and begin to listen.

As you know, your soul has always guided you, and as you may have forgotten, it is your responsibility to quiet the mind and to feel the presence of your beautiful soul and your beautiful spirit calling you forward, to move forward into your journey of life. There are cycles within what we call your soul, where there are periods of time where you are in what we call a natural ebb and flow of your physical life journey. And then there are moments when it appears as if you are lost and you do not have a connection to your soul and your spirit, as if you have been disconnected from source. And so know, Dearest Ones, that during these times when you feel lost and you feel lonely, when you feel saddened, when you feel melancholy, that the soul is readjusting its frequency. The soul is reconciling and literally transforming and transmuting all the frequencies that you have been moving forward into your life journey, into what we call a new pathway. As if you are at a crossroads. And now which way do you turn? Do you go to the left, do you go to the right, do you back up, do you stand still? And yet, Dearest One, we ask you to listen, begin to listen. The art of listening has become a lost art. In your moment of silence and in your moment of what we may call your own inner despair, please begin to breathe in the frequency of reconciliation, transmutation, transformation, and the essence of joy. Simply knowing that during this time of great change and transformation, you are being called forward to allow yourself to expend your energy and to move further into your life pathway, and into the Living Light of God, with a renewed sense of direction, and truly a reconciliation of all that no longer appears to be for your highest good. We say to you, Dearest Ones, that each of you stand truly in the essence of your powerful spirit, and yet when you are not listening, it can become quite confusing to discern which pathway. What is my soul, what is my spirit asking of me? And yet, Dearest Ones, we ask you to reconcile the emotions, the inner conflicts that live inside of you, and to pray for peace, and to pray for joy, and to pray that you begin to listen. Quieting the mind is of grave importance.

And so, Dearest Ones, we ask you to breathe and to allow the art of your beautiful breath. The practice of breathing truly is a practice, mindful breathing, intentional breathing, intentional listening to your soul. Perhaps, Dearest Ones, the life that you are leading does not feel satisfactory, perhaps it feels as if your life is over. Perhaps you feel that there is nothing more for you to contribute to this Earth plane. And yet, Dearest Ones, this is in many ways what we call the dark before the dawn, the dark night of the soul. The soul is calling you to expand yourself and to bring the energy of your beautiful spirit forward, pushing through all inner conflicts, pushing through all energy that appears to be stuck, and transmute it all with love. And so, Dearest Ones, if any of you are going through this at this time, we ask you to breathe and release. Breathe and release, breathe and release, breathe and release. Letting go these energies that no longer serve you, and allowing your beautiful soul to guide you. Perhaps, Dearest Children, you do not think much about your soul. Perhaps you do not think much about your powerful spirit. But it is time for you to be guided by the inner light that lives inside of you. The brilliance that will allow you to create, manifest and bring forward into your life the peace, love, joy, that is yours to receive. Stand tall and stand proud, Dearest Ones, that you are here upon this Earth plane, and that your light is serving the Living God. We have spoken of this many times before, and regardless of what you understand you are contributing to the Earth plane. You are contributing much more than you can truly comprehend. And yet, we ask you to listen and to breathe deep, and to quiet yourself, and to feel the inner stirrings. Each of you have a grand mission, and it is up to you, Dearest Ones, if you will listen to the warmth of your heart, what is your heart calling you? What is the warmth of your heart calling you? What are the inner stirrings of your heart telling you? Each of you, Dearest Children, have the desire to return to love, this is the essence of your being. Returning to love.

Does this seem like a vague concept? A generalized statement that has no meaning? What does this mean, returning to love? We ask you to begin to embody the essence of the Great Creator’s energy in which you were created, created in love. Your soul, the essence of your being, is love. Allow this energy to pour through you, giving it to yourself first, as you are able to bring it onto the world, breathing in the joy, breathing in the peace, breathing in the tranquility, breathing in the light, returning to love. Allow your heart to open, Dearest Ones, to the frequency of love. Allow your heart to open, Dearest Ones, to the frequency of love. Calling it in from all aspects of your being, so much love, Dearest Ones, so much love. There is an abundance of love, and you, Dearest Ones, are all filled with this energy. And so begin to listen to your soul, begin to feel the essence of love that lives inside of you. How can you give it to yourself, how can you learn to love yourself, how can you be at peace, and return back to the art of listening? Who, what, when, or where? Many of you ask, who, what, when, or where? These are questions that seem to consume you. Who am I? What am I doing? Where am I going? We ask you to return to love, riding on this frequency as if it is a wave of energy. For truly, Dearest Ones, it is a vibration, it is a powerful vibration of peace. And so, today, allow your mind to rest as we surround you in this frequency. As we surround your planet and all of creation with love. As you know there are multitudes and multitudes of beings who are infusing love onto your planet, including the beautiful planet Venus, the Goddess of Love, who is sending waves and waves and waves of love to this planet, powerful waves of energy that are flooding this planet. It is so needed, you see, because the return to love is what this planet is destined to be.

And so, as you allow yourself to return to this space inside of yourself and listen, how do I love myself, how do I nurture myself, how do I take care of myself, how do I honor my soul? How do I honor my soul? And as you allow all the beautiful answers to come flooding to you, you will begin to sense this frequency of love and peace shall prevail within your heart. And there will become a calmness over you, a tranquility over you. And this, Dearest Children, is of great importance: be the change you wish to see, be the light of the world. It is of extreme importance, Dearest Ones, that you open your heart to this powerful frequency, love, riding on this frequency and this wave, allowing your heart to open to this frequency. This is what will heal the world, this is what will heal the inner conflicts. This is the reconciliation of the mind, body, and spirit. And as you listen, you shall receive.

And so, Dear Ones, it is that still, quiet voice that is within, that is calling out to you at this time. Perhaps it is crying out to you loudly, please help me, please hear me, please listen to me. The soul is calling you to listen. It is simply allowing yourself to return to love. And living and being and embodying that vibration will allow you to make those choices that are needed in your life pathway to be at peace, to complete your mission, to move forward into the next step of your journey. So many souls are unhappy and confused, lost and lonely, and so, Dearest Ones, this is of grave importance. The art of listening to the soul. As many of you know, during these times of confusion, in our lifetime, we would go into the still, quiet place of the Cave of Creation, where Jeshua and I would sit together and we would remain silent for days upon days, and listen to the stillness, and listen to our own heart beats, and begin to feel the energy of Oneness within us, until we were able to return to the powerful frequency of love. Many of you do not have that luxury, in your current civilization. But even if you can breathe for a moment, and return to the still, quiet voice from within, and listen, and feel the Oneness, the silence, you are connected to All That Is, and all is in order, and all is as it should be. All is in order, and all is as it should be. Return to love. What a powerful message and vibration, yes, Dearest Children, even if we say so ourselves, this is a powerful message and a powerful vibration. It is the essence of what Jeshua brought forth during his lifetime. It is what he wished for all to embody, love. And as you feel this frequency, and you feel this moment, the essence of this love comes into your heart. Even for a moment, allow it to grow and to germinate. As every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being returns to love. This will heal all. All discordant energy. This will heal all. Allowing your mind and your body and your spirit to reconcile, to be at peace.

So, Dearest Children, as you allow yourself to feel this frequency, allow yourself to accept this gift upon this day. We come sending you so much love and so much healing and so much transformational light. We ask you to receive it into your aura, into your physicality, into your minds, into your bodies, into your souls, into your soul essence and into all aspects of your being. And so, my children, receive, receive, receive. Return to love. Surrender, trust, allow, and receive. Surrender, trust, allow, and receive. And return to love. Surrender, trust, allow, and receive. And return to love. This is a vibration of great importance, surrender, trust, allow, and receive. Return to love. And so, today, as you embody and embrace this frequency, may your heart open to this powerful energy of grace. Grace Elohim. Divine Grace, Holy Grace. It is filling every cell, every particle, every pore of your being with love. And so, my children, accept this gift, and be at peace. Accept this gift, and be at peace. Be still, be still, be still, and know that you are love. Accept this gift of reconciliation and allow your mind and body to rest, return to love. You may not understand, Dearest Children, how much love that you are, and how much light that you hold. But we are bringing this to your attention so that you will remember, and you will listen as your soul is calling you to step forward and say yes to life, yes to the energy that is the power of love, that will change the world. This is how peace will prevail upon your planet. Love will heal all, and all the sorrow and the pain and the sadness will be transmuted into love. As you step forward upon this day and you receive this powerful message, accept our gift of healing to you, we know that the vibration of love is more powerful than you can imagine, it is the power that healed Jeshua after the crucifixion, the energy that allowed his body to be restored, after all the pain and suffering he went through, and now, Dearest Ones, we ask you to receive this vibration, to overcome all of your pain and suffering as well. We send this love so that the pain and the suffering of the world can be healed. It is of utmost importance that all of you receive this and embody it and embrace it and become it. You are the light of the world, you are the light of the world. You are the messengers, you are the healers, you are the way showers, you are the light of the world. Be the change you wish to see, and step forward and accept this beautiful gift called life, allowing your heart to open to peace, allowing your body to be embraced in love, allowing all that ails you to be healed in love, any of your emotional or physical ailments, please send them love. Be kind to yourself, be gentle to yourself, love yourself, for this is a time that you are a vessel of pure love, what we call self-contained, you are going through this transformation and reconciliation, as you are self-contained in the energy of love. Perhaps that is why you feel a bit isolated from others, or do not feel as if you fit into the scheme of life, because you are raising your vibration into this pure frequency of love. This is extremely important in your ascension process, because you are being asked to be teachers and messengers of light, and you are holding the energy for others to embody.

Go forward, Dearest Children, and receive this beautiful gift upon this day. It is yours to receive, it is why we are asking you to listen, listen to the still, quiet voice from within. Listen to your soul calling you to move forward, do not be afraid, but accept this gift of love and it will guide you through every step of your journey called life. Yes, Dear One, it will guide you through every step of this journey called life, and so, Dearest Ones, we thank you for your time we thank you for your attention, we thank you for the love that you are, and we grace you with the love of the Living Light of God that lives inside of you. Let this energy build within you, feeling this frequency expand out into the world, gracing others with your love. Return to love, Dearest Ones, it is of grave importance that this planet and all of humanity return to love, it shall be. For as you know, we are in the 10,000 year cycle of peace, and during this time the planet is transforming all energies that are not concordant with love and peace. And you are going through the same process. And so, Dear One, know that this is a powerful, powerful time of reconciliation. Return to peace, return to love, return to the powerful essence of the Living Light of God in which you were created. And know that as you hold this frequency within your heart, that you are receiving more and more grace upon your beautiful soul, for listening, listening to the still quiet voice from within.

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