Mary Magdalene

1-27-2017 Mary Magdalene’s Message

Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Christ. Mary Magdalene is here with me as well. We do wish to share with you upon this eve the 12 tools of enlightenment. It is of great importance that each of you begin to embody the essence of the frequencies that I am bringing forth to each of you tonight. Mother Earth has shifted into the fifth dimensional frequency, and each of you are living as star beings of light, and star children. And as you use these tools it will help you to manifest, it will help you to step forward into your rightful pathway and merge with the light and the oneness, and the energy of all that is. So tonight I ask you to allow me to bring my teachings to you upon this special day. As I enter into your vibration I bow to each of you, I ask you to hold your frequency and vibration to the highest level that you are able to possibly embody. With the new energy of this powerful paradigm shift, each of you are to live as sacred beings. The energy of Mother Earth has shifted so beautifully, so powerfully, and so exponentially, that each of you have grown and expanded more than you can truly understand. And today, as I help each of you to use what I call your box of tools, I ask you to feel this freedom and joy, and truly live in the remembrance of the love that you are.

And so Dearest Children, my first tool is the breath of life. The beautiful energy and essence of the breath of life connects you instantly to the seventh dimensional frequency. And so I ask you to breathe. Breathe in the breath of life that shall connect you to the seventh dimensional frequency. Breathe and allow your breath to expand, holding the essence and the power of this beautiful life force energy, the energy of God. As you continue to breathe and expand your frequency, your vital life force energy and the essence of your I AM presence shall begin to merge with your oversoul. And there Dearest Children you have expanded yourself to the essence of the seventh dimensional frequency. And so I ask you Dearest Children to breathe a deep inhaling breath through your nostrils, and release through your mouth, and simply breathe. It is unfortunate that many are unable to breathe correctly, for they are filled with anger, anxiety, fear, and angst. Shallow breathing cuts off the life force energy and disconnects you from your own beautiful, prana life force energy, and to the energy of God. So Dearest Children take another deep breath and breathe, and align yourself to the highest Source, the highest of light, the frequency of God, focusing your breath and deepening your connection to all that is. When you fully breathe you align yourself to your higher self, to your oversoul, and you align yourself to the beautiful energy of Great Central Sun, and yes, the Great One. So Dearest Children, we ask you to breathe as deeply as you can possibly breathe, and feel the warmth within your lungs, expanding into your heart, feeling the energy of your own vital life force, feeling the essence of peace open up your heart, expanding the energy of the essence of who you truly are. And so breathe my children, breathe.

My second tool is what we call the third eye, your all-seeing eye. Allow yourself to move into a state of awareness, and breathe in this essence, and breathe in the light, and breathe in the energy of all that is. Focus your attention on your third eye, God has gifted you with this beautiful gift of sight, of clairvoyance. It is there between your brows that your third eye resides, it is connected to your pineal gland, where all the ancient teachings are held. All that you have ever been, and all that you shall ever be is held within your pineal gland. So breathe Dear One, breathe in the energy of the living light of God into your third eye. Breathe into your pineal gland and allow your vessel to open to the awareness of all that is. Breathe and allow your third eye to expand, opening your consciousness, opening your third eye, so that you may be able to see and be guided.
As we move into the third tool, focus on opening your heart chakra, this is where your sacred heart, your merciful heart, where you hold the essence and the love of the Great Godhead energy. Allow your beautiful sacred heart to open like a beautiful lotus flower, and so Dearest Ones, breathe in through your heart, your beautiful sacred heart holds the purity and the innocence of your over soul. I ask you Dearest Children to breathe and allow the intention to open and awaken your beautiful heart, your merciful heart like a beautiful lotus flower. Can you visualize your sacred heart opening, and feeling the purity of your soul? Take a deep breath and breathe into your sacred heart with intention.

I ask you Dearest Children to awaken the High Heart, it is centered in the center of your physical back, behind your physical heart. It is different from your own sacred and merciful heart, it is the energy that connects you once again to your higher guidance and to all that is. So breathe, Dearest Children, breathe into your high heart with intention. Now as we move into the fourth tool we ask you to breathe and connect yourself to the light and the heart of the living light of God that is in you. It is here within that living presence, that vital life force energy that is held within your High Heart that connects you to your breath, that connects you to the expansion and to the energy of the awareness that you are all One, and what you do affects another. And so I ask you Dearest Children to breathe, breathe in this fourth tool not only into your sacred heart but into your High Heart, into the essence, into your vital life force energy, as if you are bringing all of this energy into your physicality. And so breathe and expand, the light, see the beautiful rainbow emerging from your body, feeling the vibration of the red, the green, the yellow, the blue, the violet light. Feeling this expansion of all the rays of light, so breathe this into your high heart, breathe this into your sacred heart, and feel the energy moving into you multi-dimensionally, and once again into all aspects of your being.

And now we move you into your fifth tool, what we call your sacred belly. Opening and expanding your solar plexus, your sacred belly. Breathe the energy of your high heart into your sacred belly, opening the expansion of the pure white light frequency within your belly. Allowing the energy and the presence of God’s white light to expand within your heart, so breathe Dearest Children, breathe deeply through your diaphragm, breathe, breathe breathe. Allowing the beautiful energy of this powerful essence to move through you, the powerful creative life force. It is through your breath that you form the energy of creation. Buddha held the energy of sacred laughter in his sacred belly. Why is Buddha represented with a big belly and laughter? He knew the power of the sacred belly, sacred mirth. He understood the power of laughter. And so breathe. For this is a secret for living a long life, laughter, breathing in the vibration of joy. So breathe, Dearest Children, into your sacred belly. Breathe into your high heart, breathe into your sacred heart, breathe into your pineal gland, and simply breathe. Breathe into the sacred center that awakens your kundalini, and awakens all your cells, and the beautiful essence of your merkabic light body, as this frequency expands far beyond your multi-dimensional self, the sacred belly, the energy of joy expands out onto the world. Expands into the universe, the cosmos, and through the realms of light, eternal joy is felt within the essence of all of life. And so feel the joy and the laughter, the freedom and the peace, and the expansion that the sacred belly holds, and the power that it holds in the breath. So breathe my children, breathe, allowing yourself to hold the energy of the creative life force essence, this beautiful expanding energy, as you connect to the oneness of sacred laughter and joy, in your sacred belly.

And now Dearest Children we ask you to move into the sixth tool, the energy within your sacrum, here the kundalini rises from your sacrum, from your coccyx and your spine, this is your sacred point that connects your physicality to Mother Earth, feel the expansion and the essence of this beautiful energy of your sacrum, feeling it connected to Mother Earth, breathe in this energy into your sacrum, breathe and release, breathe and release. For many their sacrums have been stuck, and they have not allowed the violet life force energy of Mother Earth to move through them, so Dearest Children it is essential to open your sacrum, connecting yourself to Mother Earth. Be not afraid, be not afraid, be not afraid. Breathe the energy into your sacrum. You are no longer stuck into the lower frequencies of the third dimensional earth plane, you are free, you are free, you are free. You are all new earth beings. Sacred beings of light. Tonight you are shifting your vibration into the new paradigm, so I ask you to breathe and move the energy of your sacrum up and out, breathing it into your sacred belly, into your high heart, your sacred heart, into your pineal. Breathe and release, opening and expanding the energy of the connection to the beautiful essence of Mother Gaea.

And now we move into our seventh tool, our sacred star point. I ask you to allow yourself to move the energy of the beautiful sacred star point, where the energy is held behind your physical knees. They hold you and ground you to the earth. Open this beautiful energy behind the back of your knees, opening this vital portal, and breathe, for this is the gateway from your physicality, between you and the earth. It is a gateway that has kept you grounded, and connected here in the earth. It is here that Dear Kryon places his electromagnetic energy behind the back of your knees, so that you can stay grounded and not float away from the earth, so important it is to honor and bless this beautiful star point. So breathe this energy that you can remain here on this earth to move forward into your life’s mission. So breathe my children, breathe. And so as you breathe into the sacred star point behind your knees understand that the breath and the essence of Mother Earth is coming into your body. Can you feel her strength? Can you feel her stabilizing you? Can you feel her uplifting you and anointing you? So breathe my children, breathe. Breathing and holding this powerful vortex of energy in your body, in the sacred star point behind your physical knees. Yes Dear Children it is with intention that you breathe the energy, so that you may stay grounded. So breathe the energy into your vessel, breathe it into your sacred star point, breathe it into your sacred belly, breathe it into your high heart, breathe it into your sacred heart, breathe it into your pineal gland, and breathe.

As we move to the eighth tool, the earth star, it is in the very soles of your physical feet that you feel the powerful energy of the earth. This energy connects you at a very deep level to the very crystalline core. There is her center, and you are held in the energy of the essence of her crystalline light body. You are deeply connected to the womb, to the heart of the earth mother, and in this eighth tool of the earth star, is there at the soles of your feet that you connect through your breath, breathe with intention, open to this beautiful portal. Breathe in and open to this beautiful portal, breathe in and open to this beautiful portal. Breathe in and open to this beautiful portal. Breathe, breathe, and breathe. Breathing in the energy and the essence of all that is. Breathing into the beautiful portal of the earth star.

Now Dearest Children it is time to allow yourself to stay connected to the earth, for it is very important that these trials and tribulations of all the changes and much of the chaos that is happening both mentally and emotionally upon your earth, and as this paradigm shift is occurring, it is creating an imbalance in many. So it is deeply deeply important to stay connected to the earth star. This is necessary, this is extremely necessary. It is also necessary during this paradigm shift that you stay present within your body, so I ask you to breathe in the power of the earth star. Breathe into the power of the earth star, staying connected to your physical body will allow to you to remain open and receptive, as the beautiful vessel of light that you are. And so breathe my children breath, this new energy on the planet is extremely powerful, and because of the paradigm shift, many will not be able to hold the energy of these new frequencies if they do not stay connected to the earth star, to Mother Gaea, and stay connected to their own vital life force energy. Mother Earth is now opening and expanding as a beautiful star of love, light and peace, and so with each shift of consciousness, every 24 hours, Mother Earth is transitioning and shifting her energy to full glory as the beautiful star of love. And so Dearest Children, with each breath that you take, feel the energy as you connect with the soles of your feet, breathing in this powerful energy of the earth star, so that you too may ascend as a sacred being of light, as Mother Earth ascends.

And now we move into the ninth tool, it is the Divine Mother energy, the portal of entry. So breathe with intention as you move into the very crystalline energy of Mother Earth, it is truly the energy of Divine Sophia, the Goddess energy, Mother Gaea’s energy. It is not the crystalline core of Mother Earth that we spoke of but it is the energy of the Divine Feminine, it is a gateway, it is a portal to the energy of the Divine Mother. And so breathe my children, breathe. Breathe as you enter into this gateway, feeling the unconditional love, peace, joy, passion as you breathe into this portal. So breathe, and feel the essence of your connection to the earth mother and to the energy of Divine Mother, Divine Sophia, feel the essence of her beauty. It is the Divine portal that holds you and has brought you here, simply surrendering your Oneness, so that you could hold the space of light and love for the earth mother, yes Dearest One, as you entered in as a spirit, you entered through this portal, you entered into this powerful portal of the Divine Feminine, the energy of Mother Gaea, and it is there that you ask permission to enter into the earth plane, Mother Gaea is the one that acknowledges you as a beautiful star seed that you are, and acknowledges your energy that allows you to enter into her belly, onto the surface of her being. And so Dearest Children we ask you to breathe and feel the energy and the connection to Divine Mother Gaea in this powerful portal of entry. Breathe Dearest Children, breathe in the energy of the Divine Feminine, and acknowledge that she resides within your physical being, honoring the beautiful Earth Mother, the portal of entry of your own life essence, breathing this energy and calling in the essence of peace.

As we move into the tenth tool, it is the portal of peace, and I ask you to allow yourselves to feel this connection to the portal of peace, you are a pivotal being of light all of you are light bearers who have chosen to be here in this paradigm shift, deepening your connection to the energy of the peace grid and the light grid that Kryon has created upon this earth plane. He has created the universal peace and light grid for each of you to step into, so that you can move through this paradigm shift with greater ease, so I ask you to breathe, to move your energy deeper into the essence of Mother Gaea, into the portal of peace. The peace portal is the next level beyond the portal of entry, it is held in the sixth dimensional frequency, so breathe Dearest Children and open your energy to the earth star point, moving into Mother Gaea’s portal of entry, her peace portal with intention. Breathe my children, breathe. This portal is the holding station and as each of you are held in this portal of peace, before you entered your physicality, yes I will repeat this again, each of you were held in this portal of peace before you entered into your physicality on the earth plane. As you become embodied with peace in the very essence of your peace, in your own merkabic light body, and into all aspects of your being. And so breathe in the portal of peace. There within this beautiful portal we ask you to hold the intention for peace on earth, peace on earth, peace on earth. Breathe in the frequency, and breathe in peace on earth. And it begins and ends with me, breathing in the essence of peace inside of yourself, breathing in the energy of peace inside of yourself so that peace may return to earth, love may return to earth, balance and harmony may return to earth. The energy and essence of peace is your birthright. It is the essence of who you are, it is the essence of Mother Gaea, it is why you came to this earth plane, to bring peace. I Jeshua have come to help you move into this portal, it is time for you to awaken to this portal, for each of you, physically, are gateways and portals of peace. So breathe with intention and feel the power of the portal of peace. Breathe my children, breathe. Breathe in this powerful frequency. You entered into this earth plane as joyful and peaceful spirits. Please allow yourself to hold the energy of joy and peace, please breathe in this energy with intention, so that Mother Earth may return back to a planet of peace, love, and joy that she was created. And so Dearest Children I ask you to breathe as you are a powerful portal.

As we move into the eleventh tool, it is the silver ray. The eleventh tool of the paradigm shift for this new age of enlightenment for the new earth, the silver ray connects you to the beautiful essence of the silver star. May you understand that we all have a silver cord that connects us to our higher selves, and keeps us grounded to the earth. When we make our physical transition from our physical bodies the silver cord is disbanded and we ascend back to our true spirit essence. But tonight the silver ray, the silver cord strengthens, and so dear one breathe into the silver ray, allowing you to strengthen your physicality, to strengthen your resolve to stay on this planet, to continue your mission as peace keepers, as light bearers, the silver ray allows you to merge into the essence of all that you have ever been, as a multi-dimensional being of light. Breathe my children, breathe in the energy of the silver ray with intention. This truly is your life force energy and essence, it is the energy of all that is, it is the energy of the great one, as it holds and connects you to the beautiful energy of Mother Earth, the silver ray is truly your life line. Breathe it in with intention. That is energy is the peace portal, and so breathe it in, the silver ray, the eleventh tool that keeps you here on this earth.

As we move into the last tool, the twelfth tool, our final tool, the energy of Oneness. Breathe with intention the energy of Oneness as you expand your essence into the beautiful white light frequency of God. You’ll feel the power of God’s white light surrounding you, embracing you, protecting you, encompassing you, as you are the white light, you are the love. Remember Dearest Children, there is no time, there is no space, there is no separation, there is only Oneness. So breathe into the vibration of oneness, you are the light, you are the love, you are not just an individual in a physical body, you are a pure spirit of light, connected to the energy and the essence of all that is. So breathe into the essence of this beautiful white light, into the energy of you, and allow yourself to feel the essence and presence of peace in every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being, breathe my children, breathe, breathe my children breathe. Breathe in the essence of the white light of God, breathe in your oneness. And breathe in the silver ray, the silver star, which truly grounds you to the energy, and keeps you here on your mission. As you move through the peace portal of the white light of God, allow yourself to move into the powerful portal of Mother Earth, the Divine portal that all have been shared tonight, you are all beautiful gateways filled with unconditional love, peace, joy, balance and mercy, so breathe this energy into your very soul, breathe it into your physicality, and breathe it with intention, moving the energy from the sacred star point, into your sacred belly, moving the energy with laughter and joy, with intention, moving into your high heart with love and gratitude, moving into your sacred heart with compassion and mercy, and intention, moving into your third eye with knowingness and clarity, with intention. And finally, Dearest Ones, breathing and moving the energy into your pineal gland, which holds the sacred connection to wisdom and all that is, and so breathe my children, breathe.

Please hold the essence of these twelve tools when you feel nervous, fearful, alone or disconnected. I ask you to breathe into these tools, for you come home into yourself again, and there you will be at peace. May your heart awaken to the essence and presence of all that is, may you feel the light and the love of God surrounding you as you come home to yourself, to your own worth, breathing in these energies, breathing in these tools. As you choose to be the light of the world, remember you are the change you wish to see, so breathe in these new paradigm frequencies, and breathe in these new portals of light into your physicality, into all aspects of your being, into the portals that we’ve opened tonight for you. You are a living portal of love and light, you’ve known and understood the energy of the power of who you are. Tonight this is being reinforced, this is being reinforced, you are re-remembering the power of who you are. May you be at peace and allow these beautiful tools to open you to your remembrance that you are a Divine spirit, here by Divine appointment, serving the living light of God, and the energy of Mother Earth and all of creation. May you go in the peace and the love that I bring to you, my gift of the 12 tools of enlightenment, for the new paradigm, as each of you are now new earth beings, living in this frequency much is given and much is expected. And tonight I gift these tools for you, so that your life will move forward with grace and ease, with peace and harmony, joy and love. As I take my leave, I thank you for your dedication and your service onto this planet, for we all are one, and yes Dearest Children what one does affects another, and tonight this energy that is being emitted into your vessels and out into the ethers shall be sent to all those who choose to receive these powerful, powerful tools, and awaken their beings to be a living portal of all that is.

Go now my children and be at peace, I thank you for your dedication, and I thank you for allowing me to share the living light of the creation of the beautiful tools of enlightenment, and so it is.