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1-23-2017 Mary Magdalene's Message

January 23, 2017

Greetings, Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene, as I come into your energy fields I see a great deal of excitement and exhilaration. This pleases us because we are very happy to see that you are brilliant lights, as you are receiving the new ascension codes that have been infused within your star tetrahedrons. Simply meaning, Dearest Children, your own light frequencies are becoming brighter and brighter and brighter. As we have spoken at our last gathering, the pathway is opening for each of you to step into, and many of you will be traveling to distant lands, including our new friend here Tom, back to his home country of Vietnam. And this frequency that is being brought forth will heal the ley lines and the grid lines that are so needed upon this earth. And so Dearest Children, the ascension codes that have been infused within each of you over the last few weeks are at an apogee, and today I ask you to hold faith.

During the last 2,000 years when Jeshua and I were being ignited with our own ascension and being infused with our Divine sacred light frequencies, it was very important that we remain calm, centered, and secluded from any distractions at that time. We had grown into our full knowingness that we were twin flames and yet there was so much that seemed to be discordant. That we were not fully aware of our own power. And yet today I ask each of you to hold this energy of faith as you hold the energy of your own Divine power, and hold it close to your heart. Knowing that as you step forward into the unknown, stepping forward into this frequency that is now upon this planet, the frequency that we have spoken so much before is the transitional frequency from fear to love. And so today as you begin to access the power of your own ascension codes and move forward into faith, allow yourself, Dearest Children, to receive the blessings that God has bestowed upon you.

Each of you have been infused with the power and the frequency, and each of you have stepped forward into this frequency upon this beautiful day. As many of you know the power of the energy that each of you hold is magnified through these ascension codes. The power that you hold is magnified through these ascension codes. Today we ask you to hold the collective energy of all of your energies together to begin to accelerate the frequency of love and faith through your own merkabic field, light frequencies, and bring this energy of faith onto the world into the essence of your being. It is of great importance that you understand that the light that is being emitted is of great importance for so many are suffering, so many are disillusioned, and yet we continue, collectively, with all of your help, to hold the power of faith, the frequency of faith, the vibration of faith for all to step forward. As the energy of Christ’s master teaching of the lesson of faith is brought forward into your consciousness, please take the time to listen, to read and to embody the vibration of faith deeper into your essence. This is extremely important Dearest Children for this is the power that is now being brought forward onto the world.

As you have moved through your life, we know Dear Ones, that without hope there is no faith, without faith there is no hope, and today, as you are the messengers and the way showers and the peacekeepers, bringing the light and the inspiration to so many, extend your hand to those who are suffering, extend your hand to those who are less fortunate than yourself, and allow yourself to open, and to receive this powerful frequency of love. All of you have stepped forward to receive and today, as we come together as the family of light, we would like you to each take a deep breath and to begin to visualize that we are part of the family of light and the family of life, imagine that we here, the holy family, are surrounding each of you, and that we are all holding hands, and you are one with us, that you are strengthened and supported by our energy as we all hold our powerful frequencies together as one life, and we hold the vibration of faith and love. Can you imagine that you are standing with us in the circle of life, holding hands, and the vibration is infused inside of each of you. The strength to carry on, the strength, the trust, the strength to hold the frequency of hope for yourself and your fellow man.

Dearest Children we ask each of you, one by one by one, to step forward into the middle of the circle, and at this time, Mother Mary is placing rose oil upon your forehead, and Jeshua is placing myrrh upon the soles of your feet. The rose oil will activate both your pineal and your pituitary, and your ability to see and to know and to be guided into your life, will now become activated more exponentially, and more powerful, and more potently. And as Jeshua places the myrrh upon the soles of your feet, it allows you to feel the living light of God, through every step that you take, the Golden White Light of God is now activated into the earth star within the soles of your feet. Many of you will travel far and wide, and the golden light frequencies that are being activated within the soles of your feet will leave the vibration of God’s ascension light, and the ascension codes upon the earth.

Remember Dearest Children the power to receive is held with your intention, the power to receive is held within your intention. Today as you open the vibration and the frequency of the living light of God, to activate your crown chakra, your third eye, your throat chakra, your heart, your thymus, your solar plexus, your sacral, your root chakra, and the earth star chakra, this powerful frequency of hope and faith are being infused inside of you as a living light that is guiding you like a compass. Your etheric body, your merkabic field, and all aspects of your being are infused with this powerful frequency. And as Jeshua and the Holy Mother complete their anointing upon you, we ask that you take your right hand and to place it over your heart as you feel the love and the warmth that we share with you today. It is of great importance that you honor yourself as the new earth beings who are here to bring the Christ Consciousness and the energy of love, hope, faith, devotion, compassion, mercy, peace, and light upon this earth plane.

The sacred contract that you are making with us today is a covenant that we hold dear to our hearts. You have been faithful servants, dedicated to receiving our messages, our love, our healing, until we bring this energy of devotion onto you. Dearest Children you are our family, and we shall always protect you and we will always guide you. Never be afraid, you are not alone, we are here, just as the no names and the Holy of the Holies guided us in times of uncertainty, we have come at this most auspicious time to assist you so that you feel stronger to our connection, and that you do not feel alone or separate from God or yourself, or from the collective energy of Oneness. We ask that you turn over struggles and your concerns onto us, and give them to us collectively. Whatever is troubling you we ask you to allow yourself to give it to us now today, in this collective circle. You will take care of all that concerns you. And you and your thought forms will be reabsorbed back into the light. What I mean by this is that any negativity or worry will be reabsorbed back into the light.

Trust the living light of God inside of you, trust the living light of God inside of you, trust the living light of God inside of you. And feel the freedom and be not afraid. And so Dearest Children as you feel the strength of the unity as we stand with you in this circle. Today each of you are reflections of the energy of the whole. Simply meaning that you all collectively are one energy of light. What does this mean? It means that all of you today who are listening to this message are holding the vibration of oneness and your frequency is in alignment to all that is. Jeshua and I and the Holy Mother and Joseph are all a part of your frequency, simply meaning that we are all one. You’ve heard this expression before, but today can you visualize that you are truly connected to us, that we are all one. Individually you are each connected to us, if you so choose. Collectively all of you upon this call are connected to this energy if you so choose.

It simply means that we are holding our frequency together and banding together as one energy, one light form. This is the power of unity. This is the power of faith. This time upon your earth plane and yes, in your United States of America, the unity consciousness has been united. Power in numbers, no one is alone. It is time to come together and unite again, and be strong. And so this is why we come to you today, we come to you today so that you do not feel alone, and you can feel us and know that our energies are assisting you. For what Jeshua and I and Joseph and the Holy Mother have within our energy fields, within the essence of our beings, is being gifted to you today. What you hold within the essence of your being is being gifted to us today, and what each of you are collectively holding, you are gifting it to each other. We are family, we are the family of light. No one individual can serve the whole, but one individual can make a change. And yet, you can bring the power as one living light and expression of God for the collective. Be the change you wish to see, trust within yourself, trust within the living light of God that lives inside of you.

And so today as the frequency of faith is infused inside of you, feel its powerful vibration settle into your heart chakra, trusting and knowing that all is in order and all is as it should be. Trusting all is in order and all is as it should be. Each of you are going to be asked to move forward, physically, energetically, and psychically, to begin to make changes in your life, extending yourself to the world, and perhaps in ways that you could never imagine. But the opportunities will come forward one by one by one. And we ask that you understand that we are here as the family of light, and we are by your side. As I repeat, today we have invited you into our inner circle, and each of you will be guided from this point forward. Each of you will have the access to the full guidance that is so needed to carry on with your mission.

Young man Tom who is going to Vietnam has much work to do to carry the light to heal the wounds in his home country, from the past, from the war. He is prepared, he has received what is needed, for Dear Kryon has come to assist him. And so we thank you for joining our family of light today and feeling this connection within your heart. Begin to take the ascension codes and the frequency of the universal peace grid and light grid and unity grid back to your home country. And very soon the connection will be made through this oracle with the Lemurians as to the next phase of that which they wish to bring forward onto the world. Mother Earth as you know has shifted into full balance and her soul is now bringing forward the resurrection of the light that she was originally infused with. Mother Earth is going through a resurrection process and as we have told you, the balance of the soul, of the Earth Mother, is now bringing forward the change and the transition and the trajectory with the future of humanity. What I mean by this is that Mother Earth will no longer allow any destructive forces to harm her, and she will return to balance. She has already started her process, and within the next 10,000 year cycle peace will prevail, love will prevail. It will be like a twinkling of an eye, and your planet will return to her place in this beautiful galaxy as the planet of love and peace.

And as the beautiful Lemurians will bring their message of hope and faith to those who are ready to listen, to extend their hands to their brothers and sisters and return to balance and simplicity, this will be of grave importance. For now the pendulum will swing and your civilization will realign itself to the principles of God, and the frequency and the power of hope and faith will be the guiding force that lives inside each being, hope and faith, hope and faith, hope and faith. I’ve told you this before, but the transition upon your planet, the changes upon your planet will be shifting rather quickly, energetically. Kryon has been extremely busy rebalancing the electro-magnetic grid to hold the frequency of these new ascension codes and light codes that are being infused upon this planet. Simply put, people will feel the peace, they will feel the love, as it is being infused within the surface of Mother Earth. Her energy and all lifeforms are being flooded with love, peace, compassion, mercy. And so do not fear, know that the power for the world to soften and to return to love is at this most appointed hour. As we have said many times before, regardless of what you see in your outer world, do not allow it to distract you from the truth of what is occurring energetically upon your planet. It is why we have come to strength you together, coming together in a circle, as we did so many times in our lifetime. We would come together in circle and pray for guidance and strength, and feel the strength that was so needed.

And so today as you hold this vibration within your heart, know that the love and the compassion and the mercy is now etched within your own soul, first for yourself, and then for another. Today is a new beginning for each of you, trust, allow and receive. Surrender, trust, allow and receive. You are the living light of God’s love and essence. You are our family, and we are so grateful for each and every one of you. Go now my children and trust that all is in order and all is as it should be. As each of you step back into your own energy field, may you remain sovereign and trust that we are all connected, we are all one. Perhaps this has a new meaning for you now and you can keep this in your mind’s eye. If you need us, please call upon us and we will reunite with you in sacred circle and oneness. This is a time for individuals to return to the collective and to unify with their brothers and sisters. Individuals are returning to living in unity, in communities as the new cities of light begin to emerge, and all come together to live in harmony just as the Lemurians do in Telos. All come to live in harmony on the surface of your planet. And so hold the faith, and trust in the living light of God, and know that your lives are being guided, as Mother Mary comes to kiss you on your forehead, on your third eye, feel her love, feel her strength, feel her compassion, and this Jeshua brings forth the golden light and he now sprinkles the myrrh for your new pathway to begin.

Follow in our footsteps, follow the light, follow the light, follow the light. Go now my children and be at peace in all things, and truly know that you are loved. We thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you for the living light of the God essence that you hold. And as you move forward into your own divinity even stronger, with each passing day, you will feel your strength, and you shall feel the commitment to serve as well as to be served. Now my children go in peace and be still and know that you are God.

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