1-21-19 Mary Magdalene Message

Greetings Dear One, it is I, the Blessed Mother. I come and wrap my arms around each of you, for each of you have been very brave and dedicated Goddesses throughout the course of your spiritual essence. Each of you will begin to manifest and create as your voice begins to be heard. The voices of the Sacred Feminine have been suppressed for eons of time, and it is now time for the voices of the women, the voices of the Sacred Goddesses to now be heard, be seen and be felt. Dear Ones allow yourselves to understand that you are powerful, powerful, powerful Goddesses, and you are powerful priestesses, as each of you have lived in your magnificence and in your full power in other lifetimes. During the time of the great civilization of Atlantis, before the Temples were closed, and before the Great Fall, each of you were standing in your own power, standing in your own magnificence, and your beautiful energies were seen, felt and heard by all. Today as I come as a representation of the energy of the Sacred Feminine, I ask that you stand with me, and I stand with you. You will begin to open up your heart chakra, so that you will begin to feel the remembrance, begin to feel your power, begin to feel your sacredness, begin to feel love again.

So I ask each of you to take a deep, deep, deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in the energy of the Sacred Union within yourself, simply beginning to breathe in the energy of the Sacred Union within yourself. Breathing in the essence of love, breathing in the essence of peace, breathing in the essence of joy. I ask you to breathe, breathe. Allowing yourself to open to this beautiful connection, the beautiful, powerful frequency of the energy of the Sacred Feminine, that lies deep within your being. As powerful priestesses and goddesses of the light, I ask that you step forward into your divinity, and reclaim your true divinity. Today, as you begin to release the veils, that have been placed over you, and the suppression that has been placed over the voices of the feminine, the misguided patriarchal energy caused the suppression of the feminine voice. You’ve been living in a state of suppression, and subservience and fear, since that original fall. Today is a day of liberation, it is a day of freedom, it is a day of joy as you begin to feel and sense your power, and to reclaim your true divinity. I ask you, Dear Daughters of the Light, to stand together as if you are in the sacred temple, in the healing temple of Atlantis, and all of you were present and you were in your own divine power. Can you feel this remembrance, can you sense it? Perhaps you can see yourself there, in your beauty, in your magnificence, in your full glory. I ask you to begin to embody this and to embrace it, to stand in the love and the light that you are, because you are needed at this time, all of you are needed, all of you are needed to speak and to share your words of wisdom, to bring forth your knowledge and to reclaim your power as the beautiful Goddesses that you are, the high priestesses that you are, holding the wisdom within yourself, and knowing the truth that you bring forth shall set you free and will assist the world in liberating the darkness and the suppression that has been held over the feminine energy.

Now, as you call in this frequency of love, I ask you to begin to feel this energy opening within your crown chakra, as if your crown chakra is now beginning to vibrate and you are feeling the opening and the connection to the energy of the Great One, as you are reconnected to your source, reconnected to spirit, reconnected to the truth of who you are. Can you feel your crown chakra beginning to vibrate? Can you begin to feel your crown chakra beginning to open? Allowing this energy to move through you, and you are feeling a sense of pride and peace and tranquility. As if you are re-remembering and standing in your truth. Know at the time of my initiation into the Sacred Feminine, I was a very young girl, and I held the frequency of the Star of David within my heart chakra. I ask you, if you so shall, to allow this frequency and this symbolic frequency of the pentagram, and the energy of the Star of David to begin to be etched within your soul, as if you hold this remembrance and power as royalty. As you hold this frequency within your heart, begin to awaken to the truth of who you are, and feel the love. So feel this energy being imprinted within your heart chakra, so that you can begin to feel your worth, and you can begin to feel your own power. We know it has been a long journey, but it is now in this year of 2019, it is the year of freedom and the year of truth. You will begin to see more and more women beginning to speak and the share their truth. As you begin to see and notice this, most recently, in your media, you will begin to see the energy of the Sacred Feminine becoming stronger and stronger, and stronger. The voices cannot be suppressed, the energies cannot be suppressed, the frequencies of Divine Love cannot be suppressed. It is palpable, and can be felt, can be seen, and can be embodied and embraced. If you allow yourself to feel this energy and to call it into your auric field, you will begin to strengthen, physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, psychically. You will begin to strengthen. Your auric field will begin to strengthen. You will begin to stand in the presence and the power as the Divine Goddess that you are, as the Divine God that you are. Today allow yourself to feel this energy, and feel this presence upon your soul, as it is a healing balm placed over you. A calmness shall come over you, knowing that the love of God surrounds you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well.

Breathe in this frequency as the pink ray of light now is immersed within your auric field, the pink ray of love surrounds you. There is a tenderness, a softness and a strength that is now within your auric field, that is now being immersed within your soul, into your soul essence, and the softness and the sweetness and the kindness of the energy of Divine Mother Love shall be felt within your energy field. This is how the world will heal, this is how the world will change, this is how the struggles and the challenges and the obstacles that one faces within their own individual lives will be transmuted. Call forth the energy of the pink ray and feel it as it begins to shift your vibration, begin to heal your body, to restore your soul. Know that the love of God embraces you, and you are at peace. I ask you Dear Daughters to take another deep breath, and continue to allow me to open up your high heart as you begin to feel this energy coming through you, into your heart chakra from your high heart, as you begin to speak the truth, and begin to feel the strength within your being. No one or nothing can take this from you, as we say, the days of the suppression are now over. The Temples had been closed, and the secrets of the Feminine had been secured, and now the Goddesses can come forward in the remembrance and bring the magic and the miracles back onto this planet. The women are prepared, the women are receiving, the women are acknowledging their power, and there is nothing to be frightened of. The dark energies cannot and will not overtake the Sacred Feminine, and so be not afraid that what you know will be misused, and the power that you hold will be misunderstood.

Today each of you are receiving an activation, and you are receiving this energy, for it is time, it is time, it is time for you to awaken to this powerful frequency that you’ve held within your essence. You are coming home to you. You are re-remembering the true essence of your being. Take another deep breath and allow your high heart to open, allowing this frequency to be felt, as if there is an expansion within your heart chakra. Breathing in this power, and breathing in this love, and breathing in this peace. It is the same transfer of energy that we, the Sacred Women, transferred into my son as he merged into his oversoul as the Christ Consciousness, as he was able to return to balance, holding the sacred energy of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within him, in his fulness and his richness, and he was able to return to a sacred balance within himself, to be able to walk upon this planet with peace. Today, each of you are receiving this as well, as the voice of the feminine is being activated, the energy of the feminine is being activated, your throat chakras are being activated, your third eye, your crown, your solar plexus, your sacral, your root, your soul star, all reactivated into the remembrance of who you are. Into the remembrance of who you are. Into the remembrance of all that you are. I say to you, Dearest Children of the Light, know at this time, that as your heart opens to the sacred energy of peace, that you are merging into the essence of the truth of who you are. Know, Dearest Ones, how important it is to be at peace. Be still, be still, be still and know that you are God. Be at peace.

Can you feel the power emerging from within you, can you feel the light of the essence of your being inside of you awaken to the divinity of your own truth, and awaken to the heart of the mother that lives inside of you. As you merge into this stillness and into this quietness, I will come to you in your quiet times, in your moments of peace and meditation, and I will come to heal all wounds, all transgressions, that have been inflicted upon you through the course of your soul journey. I make this promise and covenant onto you, that I will heal all wounds, transgressions and suffering that have been inflicted upon you as the Sacred Feminine has been suppressed within you. Know today is a day of liberation, it is a day of healing, it is a powerful day of joy. Just as my son suffered on the cross, and as he allowed his own mortal self to be sacrificed to assist others in the awakening to the truth of who they are, to show the representation that the spirit lives on, you’ve all sacrificed yourselves in some way, through lifetimes and lifetimes. But sacrifice no more. This is a time for you to stand in the light and the truth. You see, all of the Goddesses, all of the priestesses, all of the Sacred Mother energy are literally standing behind you and with you. The force field of energy, of the power of the Sacred Feminine is being infused inside of you, reawakened once again. As I have said, this is your time, this is your now, you will be moving forward into your life path, and be seen, heard and felt for the truth of who you are. Even if you do not understand completely what your own voice is trying to tell you, what your own soul wants you to do, or to share, or to speak, then allow me to help you, it is my promise and covenant onto you. I will help you to find your voice, I will help you to find your strength, I will help you to be at peace. I will help you to no longer live in fear. This is your time, this is your now. Be not afraid.

At this time Archangel Michael comes, and he places his wings of protection around you, and he places a cloak of strength upon you, so that all burdens that you have held can now be transmuted. As if he places his cloak over you and all the burdens that you have had to endure are now being transmuted. From this lifetime, through all incarnations of time, all is now being transmuted. This may seem implausible, and you may not understand, but this is truth, Archangel Michael comes to clear all of the burdens, all of the trauma, all of the transgressions against your soul. Today this energy of the voice of your own voice can now be heard, can be seen, can be felt. You will begin to feel a shift inside of you that will set you free. Today as you allow your heart to open to yourself, be kind to yourself, be gentle to yourself, nurture yourself, this is the energy of the Sacred Mother, it is about nurturance. As you see, the land in India, and the Kerala region holds the essence of Mother energy. I ask you to call in this frequency and receive the energy from the Motherland, from the Earth Mother, from Mother Gaia. As if you’re now absorbing this energy of nurtrance, that heals all transgressions. Open your heart, to feel this sense of peace. Know that you are worthy of love, and worthy of being loved. You have come home to yourself, you have awakened to the truth of who you are, the Goddesses have now returned, the Goddesses have returned, and their voices will begin to roar. You will not be able to be stopped, as it is time for the Mother Energy to return upon this planet. It will heal all. Today allow yourself to be healed, allow St. Michael and myself to bring nurturance to you, as we place our shield of protection around you, as I place my loving arms upon you, as I open up your high heart, and your sacred heart, and your merciful heart. Can you feel this strength once again, that you are never alone, and there is nothing to be frightened of.

You are here, standing in the light and the energy of Divine, Holy Grace. You are standing in the energy and the light of Divine, Holy Grace. You have returned home, my children. I say to you, allow your heart now to expand, and as your auric field begins to merge with the pink ray, and the diamond light frequency of Divine, Mother Love, you will feel this essence and it will heal, and it will bring forth the peace that has evaded you. Today it is about love and peace, embodying this energy, embracing this energy, being one with this energy. Knowing that the time has come for you to return home again. Home is where the heart is, home to yourself. You have returned home. So, Dear Daughters of Light, stand in the peace and tranquility and the truth of who you are. This is a powerful moment, embrace it, honor it, and truly be at peace. Allow your heart to be free, and proclaim your true divinity. Allow your voice to roar, and be seen, be heard, and the energy of Divine Mother can be felt upon this planet. This is how peace shall prevail. We stand with you, we stand beside you. Archangel Michael and myself, we stand with you today as my son stands over you and elevates your consciousness into the power and the frequency of the pink ray of light, as if my son is lifting you into this ray and this is where you shall remain, in the frequency of the pink ray, embodied into this frequency in Divine, Mother Love. So, Dearest Children, as I take my leave, I ask that you take my hand, and I will continue to assist you as you need, call upon me, I am always present, I am your Mother, I am here to assist you so that you may find your way and be at peace.