Mary Magdalene

1-30-2017 Mary Magdalene’s Message

Greetings, Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, it is I, Christ. My Mary will be here momentarily. I wish to speak about the renewal of the soul, and how important it is with every 24 hours to call in the renewal of the essence of your being. We know at this time that many of you are going through major emotional, physical, spiritual or mental crises or discomforts. And it is for each of you to understand that the frequencies that are held within your own merkabic field and each of your spiritual guides, master teachers are there to help you, to renew you, when you are suffering or in pain. My Mary and I come today to ask you to simply step with us as we’ve done so many times before, and we shall take you into the higher realms of light upon this day, where we were able to rejuvenate ourselves, to renew ourselves, and as they say, to be born again, renewed within the spirit, renewed within the essence of your consciousness, and of your physicality. And so if you so shall, we will take you with us and lift you into the eighth dimensional frequency, and there each of you shall be rejuvenated, renewed and restored, into the heavenly realm, and so I ask each of you to place your feet firmly on the ground, imagining that you are connecting to the crystalline core of Mother Earth, and once again to the silver ray, as you are held and connected to the earth as we take you with us and lead you into the eighth dimensional frequency and the higher realms of light, and just as Mary and I would merge into our over souls, we ask at this time to allow yourself to surrender, let go, and allow yourself to merge into your over soul, into the essence of the renewal, into the totality of all that you are, so take a deep breath and breathe into the essence of our love, and the light of God, breathe in the essence of our love and our light, as you merge with us, and as we lift you upward, we take your hand. Be not afraid, for you will be rejuvenated and restored with the living light of God. I ask you to breathe and release, surrender to the light, and know that with each breath that you take your physicality is being rejuvenated, your mind is being restored, your conscious and your subconscious are being infused with light, and peace and holy tranquility.

Now as my Mary steps forward we come together to bring together our sacred hearts, our merciful hearts, and in the balanced union of Divine compliments, as twin flames, we stand by each of your sides and we infuse within you the powerful energy of sacred balance and union, as you now begin to partner with yourself, to simply begin to feel the sacred energy of remembering the union, as you feel this connection to the oneness of all that is. So I ask you to take a deep inhaling breath, and breathe in the vibration of oneness, as you return to this exalted state of beauty and tranquility, the living light of God, as each of you are now in this beautiful exalted frequency, the eighth dimensional frequency, in the presence of the living light of God, infused within your energy field. Allow your physical eyes now to be infused with the light of God, so that you may be able to see clearly with what your physical eye and your third eye, holding the frequency of light, as your eyes are the window to your soul. Letting your soul shine, holding the brilliance of the living light that is held within your essence and deep within your presence. Feel this energy Dearest Children, the beautiful energy of the white light of God is infused in your eyes. It is extremely important that you are able to see clearly, and it is very important that your third eye become very active, so that you are able to guide yourself along your pathway and clearly see what lies ahead. And so breathe in that frequency of the living light of God, and breathe it in to your physical eye, and into your third eye, once again activating the living light into your pineal and into your pituitary.

God has given you these gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognisance, clairaudience, as tools to help you along your journey of the soul, your pathway, so that you can move forward into your life with greater ease. My Mary and I come to infuse this energy of strength inside of you. We know how difficult it is to be in the earth plane and yet trust in the guidance and surrendering to God’s will, surrendering to God’s will. As so Dearest Children as you are held in these powerful frequencies in this moment as if you are cradled in the living light of God. Today your soul is being purified, and what we are bringing to you upon this day is the renewal of the soul. The journey has been long, and yet today it is a starting point of your renewal. You are beginning the soul’s journey of a new, fresh perspective. Today is the beginning of the first day of your life, or the first day of your soul’s journey. Whatever has transpired is now purified.

In simple terms, any vow that you have made, any karma is now being set free. And so breathe in the energy of this renewal as a free spirit, as a soul that is now choosing to be free. And choosing to live the rest of this incarnation and through the eternity of time in accordance with the living light of God. And every step that you take, with every breath that you take, this is of great importance. You are in concurrence with the living light of God. Breathe in this essence and breathe in this presence. You’ve been given this confirmation today for all of your dedication and devotion to the great one and to this planet. My mother steps forward and my Mary, the beautiful energy of Divine Sophia, the Holy Mother now is being infused in your soul’s essence. This powerful frequency of Divine Mother Love will guide you through the rest of your journey, all actions, all reactions, all responses that you hold within your essence will be of Divine Mother Love. Compassion, mercy, peace, kindness, love and grace. We speak of this for how important this frequency of Divine Mother Love is so needed on this planet at this time. The compassion for your fellow man and for yourself.

The energies that are on this planet are calling forth the return of balance and union, compassion and hope. You see Dearest One, the stirring of the energies within your own country are bringing people together and unifying in compassion and love for their fellow man. The powerful frequency of love and unity is now being felt in those who are ready to receive. You are the conduits, you are the way showers, you are the messengers of these frequencies, and so I will step back and allow my Mary to speak at this time, infusing the power of Elohim Grace upon you, that you are graced and protected throughout the rest of your soul incarnation and throughout eternity.

Good Day my Dear brothers and sisters of the light, it is I Mary Magdalene. You have been called, you are here by Divine appointment. There is much work that is to be completed upon this day. We are preparing the energies not only at the mountain, of Mt. Shasta, but we are preparing the energies around all of the other major vortices upon the planet as well. The infusing of the sacred balance upon the earth and its people will be continued to be infused with the heart of the Mother, the Motherland. You see, Lemuria will rise again, the consciousness of that civilization will rise again, the balance and the unity, the love, the peace will rise again. The earth is being prepared and as you know Mother Earth has risen far enough in consciousness that her soul has returned to balance. And now, humanity must return to balance as well. It begins with one individual at a time, and at this time as we work to assist humanity and all of creation to awaken to the renewal and balance and peace and unity as their birthright.

The Lemurians in Telos are waiting, and the Palaedians are waiting on the mountain, and a major activation will occur that will signal the beginning of the new earth species, and the Lemurians will step forward and bring their imprints onto the earth. Just as Jeshua and I have our imprints for all of you to step into love and peace, the Lemurians will step forward and bring forth the balance. This is extremely important at this time, for it seems as if your world has gone mad, but it is a tipping point. The energy has not yet reached its crescendo, but as you go to the beautiful mountain of Mt. Shasta, the calm and the peace and the balance will begin to diffuse. The energies in the hearts of all men, women, and sentient beings who choose to return to balance.

We speak of this with grave concern, as you know, the Lemurians know full well what it was like for their civilization to be out of balance. They are here living in Telos, waiting for the signal to return and allow their frequencies to be used to assist the surface population. And so Dearest Children, you are being lifted into the eighth dimensional frequency upon this day, preparing yourself to the energetic frequencies of balance that will be restored upon the planet. This is a part of our mission working with Lea, as she has agreed to this so many eons ago, the importance to each of you to live in an exalted state of balance, staying centered, emotionally. Today we place a shield of protection around each of you protecting you from the chaos and the outer frequencies that are in the collective consciousness that are out of balance. Today we place each of you in what we call a hazmat suit and protect you from the outer frequencies of fear and chaos.

Dear Ones know that there are many many legions of galactic beings that are serving your planet in the living light of God, and that there is hope for peace to prevail. These time are difficult and yet they are also glorious, because it is bringing up the choice within each soul. Do I wish to be a part of the problem or do I wish to be a part of the solution? Do I wish to be a part of the problem or do I wish to be a part of the solution. And so today we are protecting you and infusing you with the living light of God, to help you to be a part of the solution. To be the change you wish to see, to be the light of the world, holding the balance for the world to understand that there is hope, there is renewal, and that each soul has a choice to return to love, to remain in peace and to hold the balance within their system as conduits of light, as messengers of love, as peacekeepers and way showers.

And so Dearest Children, this is why we are here on this day, imagine it is waiting, the Lemurians are waiting, this is their energy and the beautiful glorious civilization of Lemuria is ready to be brought forth onto this planet, the purest energy of that civilization is going to be a portal that will be opened and activated, and the energies will come flooding onto the surface. And you may feel it upon your soul, and you will remember union as you return as the living light of God, as God messengers. I remember union. I remember union with the living light of God, what a glorious moment to return to that remembrance, before you were separated from God, you were never completed separated, except in your consciousness. And now Dearest Ones rejoice that you remain connected.

It is why Jeshua has brought forth the twelve tools of enlightenment, to connect you to the living light of God. And so as you are held in the eighth dimensional frequency, and you feel the presence, and you feel the presence of the living light of God, and you feel the presence of the living light of God. As your third eye begins to pulsate, you begin to feel, to connect and to see the energy of the living light infused inside your being as if you are like a lighthouse, and you are searching and bringing the light of God’s essence back into your being. You remember union, and the excitement of returning to wholeness, balance, unity, oneness inside of your soul again, inside of all aspects of your being, into your physicality, into your conscious mind, into your subconscious. And bringing the light through you so that others may see. Let your light shine so others may see, let your light shine so others may see. You are the living light of God. Let your light shine so others may see.

And now Jeshua and I bring you back down from the eighth dimension, and as you return back into your body with full conscious awareness, that you are one with all, and all are one. And your soul has been rejuvenated. The choice is yours, do I wish to remain balanced and connected to the I AM presence, and so call in the balance and return to oneness when you feel unsettled and disconnected from yourself. You are never alone, you’ve been given the gift of sight to guide you, and you’ve been given new spiritual wings as they say to carry you forward, for some of you are weary and we understand. This is the beginning of the first day of your life as a renewed soul, infused with the remembrance of the living light of God. No longer separated from source, only by choice you are separated from the God source, only by choice are you separated by source. And so Dearest Ones, you’ve been given this special gift and compensation today, so we thank you for your time and for your attention, we thank you for the living light of God that you are, the excitement, the Lemurians, Mother Gaea and the Palaedians are anxious for the return of balance, to return to this planet and all of creation, there is much work to be done within a short period of time, and so we are preparing, and we will be there to greet you. Know that the time has come for love and peace, hope and renewal to be restored into all the elements, back into the earth, and into the people.

Go my children now, and as we surround you with the living light, and your soul is united with the infusement of love, you are living in an exalted state, fully protected, fully enlightened, in this we thank thee, and until we speak again, know that the energy of Grace Elohim is upon you, gracing you, as you now have been renewed as new earth beings who have chosen to reawaken and remember our union to all that is.