Mary Magdalene

1-15-2018 Mary Magdalene’s Message

Greetings, Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I step forward into all of your energy fields, Dear One, I ask each of you to take a deep inhaling breath and ask you to breathe in the essence and presence of love. It is of great importance, Dearest Children, to stand in this frequency and vibration of cosmic love. It is time, Dearest Ones, that each of your energy fields begin to expand and your beautiful merkabic field begins to expand in with the frequency of Divine Unity and Cosmic Love. And so, I ask you, Dearest Children, to take a deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in the essence and the presence of peace. Breathe in the essence and the presence of peace. Breathe in the essence and the presence of peace and Divine, Cosmic Love.

Know, at this time, Dearest Children, that the one named Paul the Venetian, who is the Maha Chohan of the 3rd Ray, the flame of Cosmic Love, is standing with you. For he is the master who represents the office of the Holy Spirit. And so, please call this energy in, of our beloved Paul the Venetian, breathing in this energy into your heart chakra, breathing in the resurrection flame of the pink flame of Cosmic Love. Know, Dear Ones, that it is of great importance to allow this energy of our beloved Paul the Venetian, who steps forward upon this day, to bring the wisdom principles and the Christ Love principles, and the devotion of the reunification of your soul, into the awareness of your beautiful heart. And so, Dearest Children, we ask you to allow yourself to feel this softening of energy as Paul the Venetian steps forward and places his hand upon your heart and welcomes you home to your soul, to the reunification of your soul. Please, breathe in the energy of the pink ray and the Cosmic Light of healing into your soul, into your essence, into your Divine presence and simply breathe. Know, at this time, that the energy that is being brought forth is clearing and healing and literally sealing the energy of Cosmic Love into your merkabic field, and into all aspects of your being. And so, breathe, my children, breathe. Breathe in this Divine presence of Cosmic Love, the beautiful energy of Paul the Venetian stands before you, and he places his hand over your heart chakra.

It is of great importance, Dear One, that you hold the energy of love, not only for yourself, but for this planet and for the world at large. This is a time, this year of 2018, as we call it, it is the energy and the vibration of freedom. For Paul the Venetian represents the energy of liberty. He represents the energy of charity. He represents the energy of Holy Grace. And so, Dearest Children, this is an important day for each of you to step into the liberation and the freedom of your soul. To reunify with your beautiful spirit. Allowing all aspects of your soul to reunify with your spirit and with the energy of all that is. It is of grave importance that as you allow yourself to be free from the 3rd dimensional frequencies and what we call the lower vibration frequencies of the Earth plane, you will begin to rise and stand in the presence of your beautiful spirit, lifting and shifting your vibration into freedom, Cosmic Love and charity. Charity for yourself, and charity, as we say, for others, holding the compassion for all the world, and all those souls who are in need of liberation and freedom. Dearest Ones, understand that what is happening upon your Earth plane and with the energy particularly within your United States of America, has been a time of great challenge, and yes, Dearest Children, this is a time of liberating, and letting go of all the anchoring of energies, the dark energies that have been anchored in suppression, in the subconscious minds of mankind. What I am trying to say, Dearest Ones, is that we all are here helping not only your planet, but your beautiful continent of North America, and particularly of your United States of America, to lift from the energies of suppression that have been held within the recesses of the minds of men for many generations of time. This is a time of liberating the energy upon the Earth here in your United States of America. Here all of the energy is being lifted into freedom, into compassion, into charity, into Cosmic Love.

I know we have spoken of this many times before, but your country of the United States of America is a symbol of freedom, liberty, and justice for all. And so now, Paul the Venetian steps forward to bring his comic love and his healing onto this beloved country and to the world at large. Allowing yourself first to be liberated from any subconscious energies that have been submerged into your soul of darkness, density, fear, and what we may call misdirected energy. As we ask you to breathe in the energy of Cosmic Love, and Cosmic Peace, and Cosmic Grace. Allowing your heart to open to this frequency of Divine Love, Divine Love, Divine Love. And so, Dear One, imagine that your heart is expanding and any anchors that have anchored you to lower vibrational frequencies, to third dimensional frequencies, to energies that do not serve you, be released, as if you are like a balloon that is ascending into the sky. Please allow all of us to help you, for Dear One, when we lived 2,000 years ago, we would enter into Sacred Temple, the temple inside of our being, and we would re-examine that which no longer served us, and we would ask to be released from the lower frequencies that we had not only collected energetically by our presence, by being in the world, but through our own thought forms and our own emotional natures.

And so, Dear Ones, please allow Paul the Venetian to open your heart, bringing forth the pink ray of Cosmic, Divine Love. Loving yourself, honoring yourself, bringing healing to yourself. And then imagine that streams of light, like streamers of energy are being sent out to the Earth, onto the Earth, and to all men, women, children, and sentient beings. Sending this flame of the Cosmic Flame of Love out onto the world. Liberty and justice for all, as Paul the Venetian is here standing with each of you, helping you to be free, helping you to be free, for this is the embodiment of your beautiful spirit, freedom. Feel the energy, Dearest Ones, of what it is like to be free, free in your mind, free in your body, and free totally in your spirit. Know, Dearest Ones, that when Jeshua ascended into the Christ Consciousness energy, in to the full embodiment, and as he lived in his physical body as the full essence of Christ Consicousness, his beautiful spirit was set free. This is the ascension, this again is also the resurrection, this is the resurrection of the soul. Allowing yourself to be in the world but not of it, allowing yourself to hold your light so purely, so effervescently, that no one or nothing can affect you. And so, Dearest Ones, please allow the energy of the Cosmic Flame that Dear Paul the Venetian brings forward, bring forth the Cosmic Flame of Love into your heart chakra, inhaling and infusing the pink ray of light into your being. And so, Dear One, feel the love of the Holy Spirit as it now begins to initiate your heart chakra. What do you mean by initiate? It is there within the heart chakra where you open to the first initiation, of opening to the energy of all that is. When the heart is open, one is able to receive, not only all of the abundance and the fruits of the spirit that God has deemed for each of you. For you see, Dearest Ones, you are a part of the universal light, you are a part of the universal love, you are a part of the universal healing of all that is.

And so, Dearest Children, accept this gift today as you open your heart to all that is. And so know, Dearest One, that life is the ultimate presence of wholeness. And you are always creating. You are always creating, if you so choose, out of the sheer joy of making something new out of unformed substance. Begin to breathe in this energy of love, and being to create for yourself all that you desire and all that you hold dear to your heart. And all that you see that was merely an idea, know at this time that the universe is fluid. And no matter how things might appear, you are in Divine alignment. And yes, Dearest One, with the Cosmic Flame, with the assistance of Paul the Venetian, that which you bring forth into matter shall begin to move forward in Divine Grace. Life is always shifting and changing, so allow yourself to move forward in greater harmony with yourself and all of life. Even when things may appear to be chaotic, what is really happening is that it is a new degree of order that is being generated. Yes, Divine Order is being created out of chaos. And now, Dearest Ones, reunify yourself and live harmoniously, gracefully in the world, flowing effortlessly with every moment and with all of life. And so, bring forth and state your intention for what your life shall contain and what you wish to become. Focus not on what you do not want, but lift your vision to that which you are willing to incorporate into your experience, into your life, into all aspects of your being. And begin to set yourself free, remember, Dearest Children, the fluidity of life, and the constant flow is always creating through you, creating the potential in your present moment. And so, Dearest Ones, give thanks to yourself, give thanks to your creative self, and give thanks to the abundant universe and know that all is good, and more good is coming to you in every waking moment.

And so, Dearest Children, please allow your heart chakra, and the energy of Paul the Venetian to bring forth the energy of Divine, Cosmic Love, so that you are now resonating and spinning within your merkabic field with pure, pure, pure love. Can you feel the gentleness? Can you feel the essence of this energy? As it is held within every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being. Within every electron and neuron. Your body is spinning and vibrating to Cosmic Love. Allowing your physical body to be bathed in Divine, Cosmic Love. Allowing your heart chakra to open to Divine, Cosmic Love. Allowing your physical brain, and all of your thought forms, and all of your emotions to be bathed in Divine, Cosmic Love. Your entire physicality is being bathed in a pink ray of light and healing that will allow the reunification of your soul and your physical presence of your current incarnation to unify with all that is. Today, it is about reunification. You are in a new year of 2018, and this is a year of freedom. And so, allow your physical body, your mental body, your emotional body, your merkabic field, and all aspects of your being to be free. We have spoken of this before, but we ask you to learn the art of non-attachment. To hold the energy of the Cosmic Flame in your heart, knowing that all is in Divine Order, and all is as it should be. Coupled with the art of non-attachment. And simply allow, surrender, trust, allow, and receive Divine, Cosmic Love into your heart. Surrender, trust, allow, and receive Divine, Cosmic Light into your heart. And know, Dearest Children, the purity of your soul. It has been calling for the reunification, it has been calling for this harmonious state.

It is how each of you will step forward to assist the world. Each one teach one, each one lead one. Calling forth this reunification of your soul. Simply, Dearest One, calling the ray of Divine Love, and allow yourself to be free. Allow yourself to feel this energy and this essence of Divine Love that is guiding your life every moment, moment by moment by moment. Cosmic Love is guiding your life. Divine Order, Holy Grace, this is the key to freedom, liberty and justice that is your birthright. It is that which Paul the Venetian wishes to bring forth. Liberating you from the energies and the densities of the lower ego and the mind, and that which is happening within the world. Allowing yourself to rise to higher consciousness, to ascend to Cosmic Love. This is the truth of the ascension, this is the flame of resurrection, of resurrecting into Divine, Cosmic Grace. And so, Dear Ones, begin to feel yourself rising and lifting yourself from the negativity and the fear, your loneliness, your sorrow, and lift yourself up, and allow Paul the Venetian to lift you into Divine, Cosmic Grace. Place your hand over your heart and begin to feel this energy now being infused within your being. Divine, Cosmic Love. What does this feel like to be liberated from all of your soul experiences? To live from the spirit, to be the full expression of the God essence in your physicality. Allowing the energy to merge through you, Divine, Cosmic Love. Can you feel it? Can you sense it? Are you willing to let go and be unified with your soul? Are you willing to call forth the essence of unconditional love, compassion, and healing? First for yourself, and then onto the world. Unconditional love and healing and compassion, first for yourself and then onto the world.

Our Dear Paul the Venetian stands with you as he gives you now what we call a template, it is a book, an etheric template. It is given to each of you, it is handed to each of you a manual or a template, an instruction manual. This is for your individual souls. Why is he giving us this manual? Because he loves you, and he wants you to be free. Each of you have gone through many cycles on this Earth plane. This manual, this template, is not something that will come in to physical form, nor will you truly understand what it truly means in your conscious mind. But energetically, you are going to be downloaded with this template of energy that is designed for each of you individually, it is a gift from Paul the Venetian to set you free, so that you may step forward into the Cosmic Flame of Love and live from the heart. Letting go of all that no longer serves you, and all that accumulation of the energy of your soul, unifying the essence of your being into Cosmic Grace and Cosmic Love. And so, Dear One, as Paul the Venetian gives you this gift, please accept this at this time and know that it is being given to you in love. Because each of you are here to receive, and you are to give, you are to give, and you are to receive, and you are to receive, and you are to give. The flow of energy, the ebb and flow of life. Divine Unity, Holy Grace, Divine Unity, Holy Grace, the ebb and flow of life. And simply allow yourself to feel this essence and presence as our beautiful Paul the Venetian, represents the energy of the Holy Spirit, and steps forward to bring you healing and liberation, and reunification of your soul. And so, Dearest Children, stand in the frequency of the love that you are, and know at this time as you hold this essence and this presence deep within you, that this is a beautiful gift that is being given to you, the beginning of your new year, of freedom, by beloved Paul the Venetian. Freedom and liberty and justice for all. Whatever has happened to you, forgive, forgive, let go and let God. Forgive all those that have harmed you, and ask for forgiveness from all those you have harmed, letting go, letting God. So that your beautiful soul may reunify with your spirit and with your Cosmic Flame, and the Cosmic Love of your heart chakra. You will live in this state of grace, and healing for the rest of your incarnation. Know, Dearest Children, the importance of standing and living in the truth of who you are. And feeling the power of the Holy Spirit moving through you with every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being. You are love, you are Divine Love. Live it, embody it, do not deny yourself love, do not deny yourself self-love. Do not deny yourself love from your fellow brothers and sisters. Do not deny yourself love from the beautiful Creator and all of the angelic and celestial realm.

And so, Dearest Children, accept this gift today from Paul the Venetian, as I, Mary Magdalene, and our beloved Yeshua, and our daughter Sarah are here holding again the template for Divine Union for you. It is all about opening the heart, it is all about opening the essence of your beautiful merkabic field, your light body, filling your body with the beautiful light that you already are. Filling your mental and emotional body with love. Healing those places inside of you that have been afraid to receive love, to experience love, let love in. Let Paul the Venetian open your heart today so that you may feel this Cosmic Grace of Divine Union within yourself. We are honored that he is here with us today as he is the Master Chohan of the 3rd ray. He brings forth his blessings and his healings for each of you. And so, know, Dearest Children, that as you call forth this beautiful energy of Divine Love and Holy Grace, that you are standing in the presence of a Great Master. You are the Master. You are the Masters. Dearest Ones, you are becoming and are ascended masters, embodied in physical form. And so, Dearest Children, know how important it is at this time to receive. And so we all stand with you, my daughter Sarah, Yeshua, Mother Mary, Joseph, Paul the Venetian, and myself, we stand with you so that you may reunify and hold the energy of Divine, Cosmic Love within your being. Go now, my children, standing in the light and the love and the truth of who you are, for we stand with you, we love you, and we thank you for your devotion onto yourself, onto the Creator, and onto our beloved Mother Earth, and to all of humanity. May peace prevail, may love prevail, may reunification be brought forward to all souls, and also to your United States of America, for she is the land of liberty, freedom and justice for all. May her essence and her soul be healed as all souls who reside upon the surface of your continent and your country, be reunified as well. So, Dearest Children, go now in peace, and remember that you are blessed far beyond what you can imagine as you stand in the presence of the Living Light of God. Go now, my children, and be at peace.