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1-11-2017 Mary Magdalene's Message

January 11, 2017

Greetings, Dear One, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. I come to each of you and I bow to each of you. I honor the God and the Goddess within you. Tonight we wish to bring forth the powerful frequency of your magnificence, awakening to your Divine potential. Truly, Dearest One, you are awakening to your magnificence. As you may well understand, today is a very powerful day of transformation. It is a powerful day of an opening of a portal, that if you choose to step into, you shall be transformed from your lower self, your limited self, into your magnificence. As many of you know, the year of 2012 brought forth the end of the old era and as has been spoken, the new earth, the new paradigm, the new frequency of the new earth beings are here. You are all one of the new earth beings.

Tonight we ask that you step into your power, step into your divinity, step into the remembrance of who you truly are. Transform the lower self into your limited magnificent God and Goddess frequency. And so Dearest Children as you stand and you feel the strength of this vibration, can you feel the power of the frequency that is being emitted onto your very essence? Breathe it into your heart, breathe it into your soul, breathe it into your physicality, surrender, letting go and letting God. Surrender to the limited self, to your mental mind, and now Dearest Children feel the strength beginning to rise up within you, as each of you have been given a new sword and a new shield by St. Michael, you are freedom fighters, you are saviors of the light. You have come to assist this planet as she returns back to her full glory, and you Dearest Children are here in this monumental money of time, to also return back to your full glory, your magnificence, into full consciousness, into your physicality as physical-spiritual beings. And so I ask you to breathe.

Breathe in this power, breathe in your magnificence. Can you feel the stirring of your soul awakening you at this most auspicious moment in time? Saying yes, I accept, I claim, I am a magnificent soul. I am a magnificent being of light. I am here by Divine appointment. And so Dear sons and daughters allow yourselves to feel within the depths of your heart, within the depths of your soul, I ask you to feel. Can you feel the stirring and the empowering of your soul essence? The excitement and the anticipation that at this appointed hour, on January 11, 2017, the year of new beginnings and transformation, you are now a fully embodied, physical-spiritual being, vibrationally aligned to the energy of Mother Gaea. Standing with her, beside her, as one of her stewards. Tonight we bring to you the balance and the connection to the transformational light of peace and love that is your birth right. Tonight you are aligned to the energy of Mother Earth, the powerful frequencies of love. And as you feel the strength of your devotion on to the mother, and onto yourself, it warms your heart that you are here with purposes, with clarity of mind, with peace, with tranquility, and with a resolution, I have come to be the light and the change that we all wish to see.

Surround yourself with this powerful frequency of transformation. Simply put, Dearest Children, you are the way showers, the teachers, the messengers of light, and so step into your power tonight. If it eludes you, within your mental mind, or your emotional mind, we ask that you call it in energetically. Call it in through your breath into your heart. And repeat to yourself, I am love and I am light. I am love and I am light. I am fearless, and I have come to empower the energy that has been gifted to me by the great one, so I may complete my mission upon the earth as I have been commissioned so long ago. In simple terms Dearest Children, you are being imprinted with your remembrance of the importance of who you are. Why you have come to this planet, and your purpose at this time in your incarnation. We would like you to feel the energy of this powerful frequency, and if you so allow, Jeshua will bring his twelve tools of enlightenment for each of you to receive.

Greetings my beloveds, it is I, Jeshua. As I enter into your vibration I bow to each of you. I ask you to hold your frequency and your vibration to the highest level you’re able to possibly receive. With the new energy of this powerful paradign shift that is on this planet at this time, we ask you to open your heart to receive. The energy of Mother Earth has shifted her energy so powerful and exponentially, that each of you have grown and expanded far more than you can truly understand. Tonight as I Jeshua, I wish to help each of you to use the gift that I bring to each of you called your box of tools. I ask you to feel the freedom and the joy, and to truly live in the essence of love and peace. My first tool that I wish to bring to you is the breath of life, the beautiful energy and the essence of the breath of live, connects you instantly to the seventh dimensional frequency. So I ask you to breathe. Breathe in to the essence of life. Into the seventh dimensional frequency. And so as you begin to breathe, allow your breath to expand, holding the essence and the power of this beautiful life force and the energy of your own prana, feeling the vitality of the power of your God essence within your very breath, within your very essence. We ask you to take a deep breath through your nostrils. Release and breathe.

It is quite unfortunate that many are unable to breathe completely, or in their fullest essence, due to anxiety, fear, anger, or stress. And shallow breathing cuts of your life force energy, and so Dearest Children I ask you to breathe deeply, breathe deep into your diaphragm and release. This will align yourself to the highest source, to the God source, and so breathe.

My second tool Dearest Children focuses on your third eye, it allows you to move into a state of awareness as you focus on your third eye. God has gifted you with this beautiful energy of sight and clairvoyance. Your third eye lays between your eyes, and vibrates with the power of God. It is connected to your pineal gland, where all of the ancient wisdom teachings are held. Breathe into your third eye, breathe into your pineal gland. Simply breathe into your God essence, allowing your physical vessel to be the conduit between heaven and earth, allowing your third eye to be the compass that will show you the way. So breathe Dearest Children, breathe into your third eye.

As we move into the third tool, the energy of opening your beautiful sacred heart, pressing on your heart chakra. Here within your sacred heart allow yourself to love yourself. Feel the beautiful powerful energy of your heart opening like a lotus flower, and there you are inside opening like a lotus flower, pure, innocent, a powerful spirit. Your sacred heart holds the purity and innocence of your soul, and allow your intention to open to the purity of your soul, and breathe, breathe into your heart chakra, into the sacred heart. So Dearest Children as you breathe this essence of the light and the love into your heart chakra, into your sacral heart, know that you have opened your energy to the essence of all that is. And breathe, simply breathe.

And as we move to the fourth tool of your high heart, it is within your high heart that you are able to connect to unconditional love. Allow yourself to feel the energy of pure love and pure understanding that we are all connected and we are all one. So breathe this energy of connection and oneness into your high heart, allowing it to expand through your heart, through your high heart, through your auric field and through all dimensional time and space, truly connecting with the energy love to all that is. And breathe in with the intention that you are love. Breathe Dearest Children into your high heart.

And now Dearest Children we ask you to move into the fifth tool, it is your sacred belly. Allow the beautiful sacred belly to open, some may call this your solar plexus, begin to call in the energy to your sacred belly, opening the expansion of the energy of the sacredness, of the pure white light frequency that is held within your essence. Allow this powerful frequency to begin to move through you, begin to breathe, and move this energy in your belly, through laughter, creating laughter and joy. It is here we call it the Buddha, the laughing Buddha, the sacred belly. Here the energy of laughter is held, and it represents the sacredness of the vibration of joy, for it is here within the sacred belly, that the secret of the creative life force energy is held in the breath here. So breathe deeply into your sacred belly, breathe, breathe in the sacred energy that awakens your Kundalini, awakens every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being. So breathe my children, breathe, feel the joy and allow the laughter and the freedom to move through your body. Honor the breath of your Buddha belly, honor the breath of life, so breathe in this powerful frequency of the creative life force energy that connects you to all that is.

I now ask you Dearest Children to move into the sixth tool, the sacred heart. I ask you focus your breath once again on your sacred heart, you merciful heart, here it is called the sacrum, the sacral heart. It is a holding point that connects you to your physicality, to the earth mother, and here your sacrum and your coccyx are aligned, not only to your spine, but these powerful holding points are connected to the earth mother. This here is where you will feel safe and grounded and connected to the life force of the Earth Mother, for the essence of this beautiful energy moving through your sacrum, breathe my children breathe, breathe and release any energy that has held you back from remaining stuck or fearful, afraid to move forward. Breathe into your sacrum, breathe into what we call the sacral, sacred heart. Breathe with intention, breathe with intention that your sacrum and your sacral heart are free, no longer restricted to the limits of the earth plane. Breathe and release and you are set free.

As we move into our seventh tool, we call the sacred star point. Allow yourself to move this energy from what is known as the energy behind your knees, this is the star point, a powerful portal behind your physical knees that holds you and grounds you to the earth, much like the sacral heart, but it literally holds you and anchors you to the Earth Mother. Breathe in the energy of the sacred star point that is held behind your knees. It is a gateway between you and the Earth Mother, it is what connects you here to the earth, breathe into the earth, feel the movement of the energy of Mother Earth as she comes in to this point behind the back of your knees. Feel the gentle pulsation of her love, her frequency, her energy as she helps you feel safe and grounded and connected to all that is. I ask you to breathe Dearest Children.

And as many of you so desire to find your sacred purpose, to move forward in your mission, it is here, through your breath, connecting through the sacred energy of the sacred star point behind your knees that connects you to the portal of your purpose, you are here by divine appointment to assist this beautiful planet so she may return to her sacred position, her rightful position as the planet of love. And so Dearest Children you are all representatives of love, and so breathe with intention, breathe Dearest Children into your sacred star point behind your knees and feel the love.

As we move into the eighth tool, it is called the earth star. It is within the very soles of your physical feet that you feel the power of the earth star. This energy connects you to a very deep and profound level with the earth mother, to her very crystalline core, so breathe and imagine your feet connected to the very core of the mother. Calling in her energy, and calling it in with intention. Breathe it in, calling the earth mother’s energy in, it is there that you are connected to her through all dimensional times and space, not only does it connect you like your sacred star point behind your knees, but it connects all aspects of your knees into her imprint, her template, into her very soul. So we ask you to breathe Dearest Children, for you are now one with the Mother.

It is indeed necessary during this paradigm shift that each of you stay connected with her, and stay present within your body, and so within these techniques of breathing and connecting, you will feel the power of who you are, the magnificence of your being, feel the power of the earth star, mother earth.

As has been said many times before, the new energy on the planet is extremely power, and because of the new paradigm shift many will not be able to hold the energy or the frequencies if they do not stay connected to the earth star or Mother Gaea. So breathe, Dearest Children, stay connected with her, and understand that Mother Gaea is opening and expanding her soul and her energy onto you, for she is the beautiful star of love, and you Dearest Children are her children. Breathe in her love.

And now as we move into the ninth tool, it is the energy of the earth energy, the portal energy, as we move into the ninth tool I ask you to breathe into the very crystalline core of Mother Earth. The very center of the Goddess energy, Divine Sophia, the Mother energy. This is not the crystalline core of Mother Earth but it is a portal, a gateway, the energy and frequency of Divine Feminine, Divine Sophia, Mother Energy, all that we have been created from. Can you feel her love? Can you feel her peace? Can you feel her tranquility upon your soul? I ask you to breathe in the energy of Mother Gaea, Mother Sophia. Breathing in this essence and connection to the earth mother, and the energy of all that is. Breathe in this portal, knowing that this frequency of the Divine Feminine is here at this time to support each of you, to support you within your mission in your physical life, an in all dimensions of time and space in which you originated. Mother energy is always with you so you never feel alone. I ask you to breathe in the power of the Divine feminine, acknowledging that she resides in you, that she is you, and that you are a portal holding love, compassion, mercy and peace for all the world to see and all the world to know. And so breathe my children, breathe into this powerful portal.

And as we move into the ninth tool which is the portal of peace, I ask you Dearest Children to feel this connection in your heart, where each of you are pivotal beings of light who chose to be here in this paradigm shift, this new golden age of enlightenment. I ask you to breathe into this portal of peace, breathe it in. Feel it within the essence of your entire being, breathe it into your lungs, allowing them to expand with every breath that you take, that you are peace, and peace you shall remain. This powerful portal is what we call a holding station, and each of you are embodied with peace in your own merkabic field, your own light body, so I ask you to breathe this peace so that you may bring it into your physicality, and bring it into your merkabic field, so that you become a shining star, and also a bright light so that others may follow. Follow your brilliant light so that they too may find peace. So I ask you Dearest Children to breathe in this joy and breathe in the love and breathe in the peace.

As we move to the 11th tool, it is the silver ray, the silver ray connects you to the beautiful essence of the silver star. Many of you understand that we have a silver cord that connects us to the earth plane. And as we all physically transition from our bodies on the earth plane the silver cord is dismantled and we ascend back to our true spirit form. Tonight the silver ray is important, it allows you to merge and to connect not only to your merkabic field, but the connection to the energy of oneness. Returning back to the original seed of light in which you were created, so breathe into the silver ray, the silver star, into the power of oneness. This is a powerful portal, you are powerful portals, breathe in this energy, breathe. It is the energy of the Great Creator, and it connects and holds you to the essence of Mother Earth. It is your life ray, your life force, breathe it in with intention, as this energy is the peace portal that was printed within your being at the very inception of your spirit.

The final tool is the energy of oneness, we ask you to breathe into the expansion of the brilliant white light of God, the brilliance of all that is. Perhaps you can feel it, perhaps you can sense it. We ask that you breathe this energy into your body, into every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being and become embodied with the energy of oneness, allowing this energy to empower you and bring you back into your magnificence, awakening you to the remembrance of your Divine magnificence, that you are a powerful spirit that is committed and connected to your mission here on earth. And you have chosen to be here by Divine appointment, and so breathe this intention of oneness into your body and rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, for you have chosen to re-remember the oneness, and this beautiful tool connects you to the ray, the silver star, and connects you to the energy of Mother Earth. And as you move through this powerful peace portal, allow yourself to feel the essence of love and peace and joy, oneness, harmony, balance. And breathe this into your physicality, and move it into your sacred star chakra, there into the earth, and send all the love that you can to the earth mother, and breathe with intention. Breathe the frequency of love into the earth, and you are one with her. And you have connected with her, and you are one with her essence. This is the reason you are here, feel the power of your magnificence. Feel the power of your magnificence, feel the power of your magnificence. May you feel the light of God and may you know at this time that you have come home to yourself, you have come home to your mission. You have come home to the love that you are a new earth being, holding this powerful frequency of light within your heart, and within your embodiment, and within the essence of your being. And you have come home again, you have returned to oneness, go in peace.

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