Return to Oneness – Jesus and Mary Magdalene share their secrets of finding your Twin Flame

Greetings my Beloveds, yes it is I, Jeshua. As we step forward, we ask you each to take a deep inhaling breath, and just to relax and settle into your heart. Let the pure essence of your heart guide you as you begin to receive the information that I wish to share with you upon this day. The reason that we come at this time upon this planet to share our message of sacred union, divine union, is because your planet and your current civilization is out of balance. Mary and I brought forth our energies over 2,000 years ago, which is described in our book, to help each of you to understand that we came to leave the imprint for all of you to step into when you are ready, to be able to return to balance within yourself and then be able to find your twin flame.

It is of great importance and significance that each of you begin to find that inner peace, within yourself, so that you may be the change you wish to see on this planet. There is indeed great chaos at this time and many people are in fear, and it is not for any of you to live in fear or separation. We are offering these 6 lessons to you so that you can return to love, be at peace, and find balance and harmony within yourself. So that you may move forward with your sacred contract, your sacred mission as an individual, and also to return into divine balance with your beloved twin flame. For each of you have a sacred contract that you are to fulfill together in this lifetime, just as Mary and I did. We are here, sharing with you these six lessons so that you may be able to assist yourself and ascend into higher consciousness that will allow you to manifest, to be at balance, and to find your beloved twin flame.

Our first lesson is returning to Divine Love. Here in Mt. Shasta California, the powerful frequency of the spirit of the mountain is calling each of you to return to balance, unity, and wholeness, and to find the beautiful beautiful frequency of Divine Mother Love and Divine Father Love, that lives inside of each of you. It is why we are filming here, and it is why we completed our book here, it will hold the frequency of sacred union and divine balance as a portal for all who desire to return to oneness, to live in the fifth dimensional frequency and beyond, so peace may prevail. It is with this first lesson of returning to Divine Love that you shall seek the inner light and the inner love of the creator energy in which you were created. It is of utmost importance that each soul begin to love themselves in order to bring peace into their lives and to bring harmony to this planet and also in order to be able to attract and to manifest your beloved twin flame. We are not sharing with you that finding your twin flame is what we call the primary reason for our message. It is simply that each of you have a sacred contract that is your destiny for this lifetime and also for assisting Mother Earth and humanity as stewards of peace and love, as we may call emissaries of light, emissaries of love, emissaries of peace. And so in this first lesson, we will teach you to tap into the pure unconditional love that is held within your being.

Our second lesson is calling in the powerful energy of Grace Elohim. The powerful frequency of Grace Elohim holds a powerful vibration of divinity and unity, simply meaning everything is graced, everything is in divine order. And so, I ask you, Dearest Children, to begin to trust and to breathe in the frequency of Divine Grace, into your body, into your breath, and into your essence. To trust that grace is the guiding force that guides your life, that you were here on this planet, in this incarnation by divine grace, by divine appointment, that you’ve come to serve the living light of God by divine grace. And by seeking unity within yourself and finding happiness and love within yourself, you will then draw to you your beloved twin flame. You see, everything is a vibration, and you are to hold the highest vibration of pure unconditional love in order to call in the pure, unconditional love of your twin flame. So that each of you may seek and find the love that you so desire and so deserve.

Our third lesson is about moving and opening yourself to what we call your Divine calling, opening to your higher self, your oversoul, into your innate wisdom, into your knowingness, into the inner truth of who you are. We will teach you how to connect through your breath, and we will teach you how to connect to the living light inside of you, so that you shall begin to feel the strength of your own embodiment as a physical/spiritual being of light. Simply meaning that you are feeling the strength of your beautiful spirit inside of your body, and living from this with divine grace and divine purpose, and with divine love. It is here in this energy frequency of moving into the empowerment of who you truly are, and returning and embodying the true essence of your being that you will begin to feel comfortable with yourself, you will love yourself, you will trust yourself. And there, Dearest Children, is the key, love heals all. And so as you step forward into this place of power and love and awaken to your beautiful spirit essence, it will shine through you, it will glow through you, it will become the living embodiment of the living light of God. And there, Dearest Children, as we say, let your light shine so others may see, for you are there to help guide them, and help them to return to balance and union, and to find love within themselves, and to find their own beloved twin flame.

Our fourth lesson is what we call patience and acceptance. Patience and acceptance. And wisdom to know when all is in Divine timing, that all will fall into place with grace and ease. Patience and wisdom. This is a journey, there is no need to rush through your life, there is no need to rush through anything. There is no need to be impatient with yourself or with another. Each soul, including yourself, has come in with a blueprint, a design which you are to follow, or let it be a guide for you so that you may return home again. You see, Dearest Ones, we are here in Mt. Shasta, California because it is the home of Lemuria. It is here where the beings who live underneath Mt. Shasta in Telos, are living in balance and harmony and unity. And they are patiently working and waiting for our surface population, our current civilization, to return to balance. And so, Dear Ones, please be patient with yourselves, and understand that you’ve had many lifetimes, and soul incarnations, and many life lessons, but this is the lifetime to return to oneness and unity and balance. This is the time to return to completeness within yourself. And as you do this, and you embody this, and you feel the power of this within your essence, you are here to share your love and your light for all to see.

Our fifth lesson is about honoring and respecting all of life, and living in concordance with your higher realm, with God’s will. This is also tied in with patience and wisdom, and Divine grace, living in Divine will, not the ego, not the mental mind, but from the heart, the purity of the living light of God’s pure love. As you begin to spiritually mature and as you begin to honor Divine Will, you will begin to grow exponentially and begin to understand that peace is your birthright, and that love is the embodiment of all that is, Divine will, holy grace, that all things are made whole with love, pure unconditional love. And so, as you accept at this time and bring to you the frequency of Divine grace, this will begin to strengthen your spirit, strengthen your mental mind, and you will begin to feel the pure love inside of yourself that will strengthen you so that you are the living conduit of the love in which you were created. As you stand in your strength, your divine complement, your twin flame, can step forward. And it is at this time that the original twin flames step forward to unite in the will of God. And they are here by divine appointment to assist this planet and all of humanity to ascend into the fifth dimensional frequency and beyond. So that this planet and all of creation shall live in balance and peace, just like our Lemurian brothers and sisters in Telos. This is not a dream, it is a reality that is made manifest by divine will, by your grace, by your love.

And so, as we move into the sixth lesson, we ask you to hold the energy of the purest essence of your divine spirit with the embodiment of peace, the lesson of peace, the lesson of love. They are here dearest ones for each of you to step into, for you to step into and feel the warmth and the signature of your heart. Yes, you have a frequency and a vibration of peace and love in which you entered into this planet. And you are to return to love, to return to peace, and you see that you return to balance within yourself. The peace that you bring, the love that you bring, and yes, your Divine compliment, your beloved twin flame, can step forward in peace. And the two of you will leave your own energetic frequencies, your own footprints, just as Mary and I left our own frequencies, our own footprints, for all of you to step into. You and your beloved will leave the frequency of peace and love. It is the embodiment of peace in every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being, that you have contracted to receive in this lifetime. This is why we are bringing these six lessons, and it is why they are the teachings that we bring forth now that we have offered this book, Divine Union. Mary and my love story. You see, Dearest Ones, this planet is to return to union and balance, and it will and shall. And you are all needed to accompany her in her ascension process and in your own ascension process. The journey to wholeness will be the most beautiful experience that you can ever imagine as you begin to step forward and say yes, and your beloved twin flame has already agreed to step forward with you.

And there the original twin flames come forward, and complete the work that they are contracted to do. It is why we are here, because each of you has a sacred mission, each of you has a Divine Appointment, to return to peace, love, and oneness. These are not just words, these are frequencies that we will work with you during this course of time so that you may return back to the exalted beautiful star that you are. And so, Dearest Ones, you are each stars. Surrender, allow, trust, and receive these six lessons that we bring to you, these are our gift to you, Mary and I gift these to you. And we welcome you, and we ask if you feel so called to receive our lessons with an open heart so that you may return to balance and be the beautiful light that you were created and sparked to be, as the beautiful spirit that you are. And so, Dear Ones, call forth this unity, we welcome you and your beloved twin flame to step forward again and unite just as Mary and I have. Go in peace.

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