Welcome to Mary Magdalene's Messages. Many of you may know that I have been a direct voice channel for Mary Magdalene, Yeshua (Christ), Mother Mary, and other members of the Holy Family for over 25 years.

Mary Magdalene, especially, often wishes to bring forth her voice of the awakened Divine Feminine Energy. She has been channeling weekly messages through me for the past 14 years. These life altering messages are for the serious spiritual seekers who truly desire to attain Divine Union with their higher selves and bring peace to this planet.

Each weekly message has a theme that is pertinent for the evolutionary growth of humanity. These weekly messages will also be available on my Lea Chapin YouTube Channel so that you may have the full sensory experience of these teachings.

These teachings have also been an inspiration for my new book, Divine Union: The Love Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Enjoy these beautiful messages from Mary Magdalene and our beloved Holy Family. May they touch your heart as they have awakened mine! May peace be with you,

Rev. Lea Chapin

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7.1.20 Christ Teachings Message (replaces Mary Magdalene's Message this week)

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Christ. I come to each of you and I bow to each of you. As I ask each of you now to truly begin to center your heart and begin to allow your heart to open, and to begin to be healed from all the wounds of the past, for tonight Dearest Children, it is about healing the heart, it is about opening up your heart so that your heart can be whole, that you can return to unity and oneness, and allow yourself to begin to feel the energy of what we may call your over soul, to begin to feel the magnificence of your spirit, to begin to feel the energy of your own sacred, divine union with yourself. It is time. It is time, it is time to shed all that no longer serves you and begin to fly. Tonight, as has been called forth, indeed the Bear tribe is here, they are a powerful clan of spiritual beings who are overseeing this area, this region of your country, of the United States of America. They have lived here before and they are here with all of you tonight, and if you so shall, they will give you the strength, they will give you the courage, they will bring their divine wisdom to you so that you can move forward into your journey just as I, Jesus, come to you tonight to bring you strength, to bring you courage, so that you are no longer afraid of standing in your power, standing in your truth, and living in your divine purpose. This is the time, this is the now, this is the time, this is the now. So I ask you, Dearest Children, to take a deep, inhaling breath and place your hands on your heart and begin to feel the love that I bring to you so that your heart may be healed and you may truly, truly allow your beautiful light to shine. Feeling your magnificence, feeling your brilliance, feeling this energy of divine strength, that the Bear clan is here to give to you, I remember union, I remember union. You are re-remembering your true divinity, the Father/Mother God essence within you. The energy of the God and Goddess within you, the power within you. As your over soul now begins to awaken within you, of all the remembrances that are coming collectively in what we call a unified force field of energy, every lifetime, every parallel life, every multi-dimensional aspect of you is coming forth in a unified force field, as if you are being aligned on this day with the energy of God. That the energy of God is aligning within you of all life times, through all dimensional frequencies, that all the unified force field of energy, the energy of union, now if you so choose is being anchored into your vessel, into your consciousness, into your physicality. If you so choose, you are anchoring to your I AM presence, that your energy is being anchored into the earth with the help of the Bear tribe, and with me, Master Jesus.

We need you, we see you, we love you. We need you, we see you, we love you. This is your time, this is your now, to allow yourself to shine. To live in joy and remembrance of who you truly are. And so today, Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, my mother and I stand with you, my mother is on your left and I am on your right, the Bear clan stands above you and the energy of Mother Gaia continues to hold you and support you, as you align your frequency now to the energy of Mother Gaia, and you open your heart to your over soul essence, to the brilliance and to the remembrance of all of the lifetimes, this is a collective time, as if this your lifetime, this is your now, this is your time to shine, each of you, in this room tonight, are stepping forward into your power, this is your lifetime to shine, this is your lifetime to be the change you wish to see, this is the lifetime to step forward, to let go of any restrictions you were holding upon yourself, mentally, emotionally, energetically, financially, letting go, letting God. Letting go, letting God. As if you are allowing all this energy to now be released through the soles of your feet, and Mother Gaia is taking your fears, your worries, your sorrows, and the Bear tribe is standing and bringing you strength and courage, and the force field of your unified over soul is aligning with your Higher Self into your consciousness through your crown chakra, through your third eye, through your throat into your heart. There within your heart you’ll begin to feel a sense of warmth, you’ll begin to feel the power and the strength and the divinity, I remember union, I remember union. I am remembering my God and Goddess essence, I am remembering the power of my spirit. As you begin to feel this passion and this excitement, and this exhilaration, that you are connecting to your spirit, to your over soul, and to the energy of the totality of all that is, then there is freedom, and then there is joy. There is freedom and there is joy, to live in joy and remembrance of who you truly are, I live in freedom and I live in remembrance of the joy and the love and the peace and the oneness, and the truth, as I stand in my power and I am love. I am love.

So tonight as you begin to feel your heart opening and your vibration and your aura now begins to exude love, peace, joy, remembrance, enlightenment, oneness, forgiveness, power, then you begin to feel the energy of rejuvenation and hope shall come to you and upon you. There you are standing in the vitality and the strength and in the wisdom of who you truly are. So take another deep breath and breathe this in, believe and so shall you receive, as you receive, you shall give your gift onto the world, that you have come to bring your special gifts, your special talents, the aspect of your over soul is now working, as they say, overtime with your higher self, with your conscious self, with your I AM presence, and you are aligning the strength within you to be at peace. As if Moses has come to part the Red Sea, and you step forward to receive the abundance. The abundance of God’s energy, all of the fruits of the spirit, that which has been lacking within you shall now be filled, whether financial concerns, health concerns, relationship concerns, emotional, mental, spiritual. You are being supported and your force field of energy is being unified into the force field once again of oneness. You are reconnecting to the energy of all that is. That you are no longer separate, you are no longer afraid, but all your needs and desires are provided for and the abundance of the universe is now within your force field, as if it’s in your energy field, this unified force field of energy is strengthening you to receive. Can you feel it? Can you receive it?

So take another deep breath and relax, surrender, trust, allow and receive, like the beautiful star that you are. Surrender, trust, allow and receive, like the beautiful star that you are. Surrender, trust, allow and receive, like the beautiful star that you are. So tonight this force field of energy is your protective shield of protection, you may call it in, you may call forth this energy at all times, when you need help, when you need guidance, when you need clarity, it is as if we can explain to you that it is the energy of the God essence. That you are surrounded by this force field, that you have been unified into it, in some ways. All of you have been separate, from the energy of your oneness, and tonight this force field of energy is strengthened within you. Believe and so shall you receive. You are here by divine appointment, it is no accident that you are here, you have been seeded with this energy of your divine power, and the energy that is around you is the strength of God, it is the power of God, it is the force field of God’s energy, and you can do anything as long as you believe, and so shall you receive. You are re-remembering your divine potential, you are re-remembering the divine blueprint that has no flaws, limitations, lack. You are re-remembering and you are receiving this force field of energy that is a gift to you tonight, because you are needed, you are wanted, we see you, we love you, we honor you, and we bless you. We see you, we love you, we honor you and we bless you, we see you, we love you, we honor you and we bless you.

May the love of God surround you, the presence of God watches over you, the power of God protects you wherever you are God is and all is well. The unified force field of energy can not separate you from your truth and your divinity, you will begin to magnify, if you so choose, your connection to your I AM presence and all the gifts and talents that are inherently yours, that are your birthright, will begin to awaken within you. This is a day of awakening, this is a day of enlightenment, this is a day of remembrance, this is a day of power, this is a day of love, this is a day of your truth. This unified force field holds all of my mastery teachings, holds the vibration of that which I have brought forth 2,000 years ago and what I bring to you today, and in my words both written and in audio. This unified force field of energy is yours to receive like a waterfall, abundant, flow, that cannot be stopped. Reach out and begin to feel this energy within your own aura, and begin to see, feel and sense this unified force field around you, as if it is like a stone. It is a shield of protection, but in many ways it really is the energy of the universal essence of the God essence, that you have forgotten to reconnect to, when you separated and came to the earth eons and eons ago, you were reconnected today. You are reconnected now.

Thousands upon thousands of souls are being unified today into this unified force field, both seen and unseen beings are receiving this energy as we speak. This healing is taking place for the planet, it is taking place for you, it is taking place for all sentient beings, those who have crossed over who are looking to be unified, those in other galaxies, universes, planetary systems. But on your planet, thousands upon thousands will come together in a unified force field of this energy, this is a powerful moment in time, this is a beginning of change. You are all becoming sovereign and you are free. Because you are now reunifying with your I AM presence into your consciousness, into your physicality, and you are becoming sovereign beings, awakened sovereign beings, and you will use your discernment to know the truth, of that which we are bringing forward, in service to the Living God and to all life forms, and to the essence of all that is. Choose to say yes to you, this is a gift to you, I remember union. I choose to receive this gift, accepting my I AM presence, the unified force field of energy within me, so that I may have the strength and the courage to move forward into my mission in this year of 2020 with clarity, with precision, and with strength. So today as you begin to honor yourself, bow to yourself and say Namaste. I honor the God within me, as I honor the God within you. I honor the God and Goddess within you, as I honor the God and Goddess within me, we have all come together in oneness, in this unified force field of light, to be the peace makers, to be the messengers, to show the way, just as I came 2,000 years ago, I continue now to assist you to show you the way, and how you choose your gifts are yours to receive. Blessings upon each of you my beloved souls, because today as we bring this frequency into you, this consciousness, this passion, your truth shall prevail, and as you open your heart to love, know today that as you live in the vibration of love you shall receive all the vibrational healings that I gift to you today, in my book, from love to joy, as you live in joy and remembrance of who you truly are. Blessed ones, accept this gift of peace, accept this gift of tranquility, accept this gift of joy. Honor the power of who you truly are, you are beloved souls, dearly, dearly dearly beloved.

I thank you for your time, I thank you for your attention, I thank you for the love that you are. May you allow your heart to open, your mind to receive, as we bless you with this remembrance, I remember union, I have come home to myself, and now I am at peace. Be still, be still, be still and know that you are God. As you live in the joy and the remembrance of your true divinity, go now my beloveds. I surround each of you, go forth with the strength and the courage, as I stand with you, the Bear tribe stands with you as well, as my Mother stands with you, and all of life supports you. Step forward to receive, surrender, trust, allow and receive. You are the beautiful star, you are the way showers, you are the beloved souls that have come to serve and to be served, go now my children, be at peace, be at peace, be at peace.

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