Monthly Teleconference Class

"In July of 2017 I met Lea, from the time I met Lea, she has been a healing force in my life. As I am going through the Ascension process, Lea's invoking the flame class was extremely helpful and healing. By learning how to invoke the rays and how to use the rays, was very powerful for me. I am now able to invoke the rays and use them for healings on myself or my family. By learning these techniques, I have been able to invoke the flames throughout my daily life and it makes the challenging things easier.

During the early stages of my Ascension, I went through several dark night of the soul, and I thought I would never recover from a few of them. During my last dark night of the soul, I was able to invoke the flames and I can now lift, heal and find the cause of my darkness or depression much faster by invoking the flames.

Lastly, Lea's mediations during the classes are very powerful, I have gone into deep meditative healing states during her classes. Just the energy from the class is very powerful and profoundly healing, and it lasts for several days. I highly recommend Lea's class, especially if you are in the Ascension process, it has made my journey to Oneness much easier.

Lea is truly a blessing to work with." ~ W.C.


Weekly Monday Morning Teleconference Class

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