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Sacred Wisdom Teachings of Sarah, Goddess of Peace 

Ascended Master Sarah, Goddess of Peace is the long-awaited sequel to Divine Union: The love story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene Ascended Master Sarah shares her parents sacred wisdom teachings of The Way of the Chalice. At the heart of this wisdom is a path of integration and transformation that embraces the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in sacred union! Sarah leads us on a journey of self-discovery into sacred union that ultimately leads back to self-mastery and true enlightenment! She brings insight to the deeply rooted male/female polarities of imbalance that had caused chaos and fear that is so pervasive upon the planet. Sarah’s sacred wisdom teachings is a journey into the teachings of the Goddess, the inner alchemy of sacred union that will lead us back to wholeness as a planet!

**All of Lea's books can be purchased by clicking here to visit her Store**

Divine Union: The Love Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene 

This love story of Jesus the Christ and his beloved twin flame, Mary Magdalene, is most unique in that it is narrated in their very own words and through their very own perspective. Jesus and Mary candidly share their real life journeys from treasured childhood friends to passionately bonded husband and wife to loving parents of three. Their joys and sorrows, as well as their trials and tribulations, were all part of a Divine Plan to assist humanity in remembering who they really are and reawakening to the realization of their Oneness with All That Is. Enjoy a sneak peek with the excerpt below:

Chapter 8: Preparing for the Crucifixion

This day I will never forget, for it changed my life forever.

On a beautiful fall day, Mother Mary invited me to her home for one of her weekly spiritual lessons, since Mother, as I called her, was my spiritual mentor. I really enjoyed our weekly lessons, as her wisdom was most enlightening for my soul. We were sitting in the garden talking, and then suddenly, she stopped and turned to look at me with a very grave look upon her face. She said, “Mary, I have something of a very serious matter to tell you.” ...Read More

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**All of Lea's books can be purchased by clicking here to visit her Store**

The Twelve Mastery Teachings of Christ

In the fall of 2003, Lea Chapin began to receive divinely inspired messages from Jesus Christ in the form of one profound lesson a week for twelve straight weeks. These lessons were compiled together to become Lea Chapin's first book, The Twelve Mastery Teachings of Christ: Jesus Christ Reveals The True Essence of His Teachings. His loving messages demonstrate his desire for humanity to reawaken to their own Divinity and to embrace and embody his teachings in their fullest essence. These are God's Truth Principles that Christ taught during his ministry on Earth over two thousand years ago. Each mastery lesson holds and carries the vibrational essence of Christ's healing power of love. This beloved book has proven to be an instant classic. It's messages are as powerful and pertinent today as they ever were, perhaps even more so, as the world is in desperate need of the changes he espouses. Enjoy a sample excerpt below:

Chapter 7: Lesson of Hope
Dearest Children, it is I, Christ. I bring forth Lesson VII: The Lesson of Hope. Dearest children, understand this lesson is an opportunity to bring hope onto the world through your actions, thoughts, deeds, and through your words. As a lightworker, you are here to help humanity to evolve into a higher state of consciousness. Hope is an acronym for Help Our People Evolve. All lightworkers have come at this time to bring love onto the world and to bring hope to this planet and to all of humanity.

There are many who will look to each of you for guidance and look to each of you for the truth, the way, and the light. Just as the teachings of Mohammed, Abraham, Krishna, Gandhi, and Buddha brought higher conscious teachings to humanity, each of you are master teachers, and are here to help bring higher conscious teachings to humanity. There are many who will come to you for spiritual guidance and assistance, and I ask that you help them understand these truth teachings that I am bringing forth at this time...Read More

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