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A Divine Gift from Ascended Master Sarah

Through Lea's book the reader receives powerful divine energy attunements through reading Sarah's words and also visually through the photos throughout the book. Sarah's words of wisdom are timeless and in Perfect Divine Timing. A gift for all humanity to assist them in remembering who they truly are and why they are truly here on Mother Earth right now. If you are seeking balance, peace, divine union, healing, wisdom beyond what you think you know, and true Spiritual awakening, then this book is for you. I encourage all who read this to share this book with others. Each one Teach one! Blessings and Gratitude Lea for all the hours of love, and persistence it took to birth this book for all. I Love all your books Lea, like this one, they too are all "the gift that keeps on giving." Each time one reads this book the energy of the activations is received on a deeper more profound level for the reader. *****5 stars for this book

A Compelling Story

This is a beautifully written and inspiring story about the power of soulmates and their undying love, devotion and faith as they endure the grueling Roman occupation. This book teaches us about understanding our true essence, overcoming adversity, and learning about compassion, peace and joy. A must read!


Soul Lifting

You can feel the love of Jesus and Mary through reading these words, very fulfilling feelings after finishing the book!


Really Much More Than a Book

Hard to put into words...what to say. This is much more than a book. Lea to me this feels more like an encoded energy transmission that is intended to help awaken the correct balance of divine feminine and masculine. That's what it feels like to me, and it carries the so powerful love of both Yeshua and Mary (for each other, as well as for us) very strongly. What a story. Since I began my "path" back to oneness about 10 years ago, I have had an insatiable need to know everything about Yeshua, Mary, the family and the essence of Christ Consciousness. I was in Jerusalem 2 years ago and I am certain I was there at that time, although my guides have not yet revealed how or in what capacity.. All I can say is that this book is extremely and powerfully resonant with me. Every word. Thank you Lea for your service and contract, and bringing this work into our quickly rising collective consciousness at this time, it is so needed. Sending you much love and light.... Dave


A Masterpiece

I have never written a review before on Amazon, but I was compelled to express how deeply moved I was by reading Divine Union: The Love Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. This book has it all, human emotion, spiritual messages, and above all the revelation of truth about the intimate lives of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene that for so long has been hidden. The role of the females in support of preparation for Yeshua's crucifixion was truly eye opening. In fact, the truth about the crucifixion and the resurrection so resonated with me. I always felt there was so much more to this story than what I had ever been told through my upbringing in the Catholic church. As you read this love story, which begins with Mary and Yeshua as young children, you will see the development of both of them emotionally, physically, and yes, spiritually. I loved the flow of this book and because it is channeled, it reads like a book written in first person narrative. So, you really can feel the emotions of both of them in the various stages of their lives together as well as when they were apart. I, personally, could so relate to Mary when she felt panic rising within her as Yeshua left many times to fulfill his sacred mission. After so many years of not being able to relate to Jesus, I now feel much more connected with him as I read of his struggles and pain to fulfill his calling. For both Yeshua and Mary, there were many times when they didn't understand the Divine Plan, and their real human emotion in the midst of this was so very inspiring. I could really relate to them both as people, who struggled to fulfill their sacred calling just as every one of us does. There is just so much here. I don't want to give it away. I will say that in the reading of this, you will feel the high vibrational frequency coming through the words. On every single page, there was some message, or some word that stood out for me that I had to underline. This is truly a book that you will not read just once. I look forward to reading it again because I know that I will experience it at a deeper level the next time.

Thank you, Lea, for bringing this gift to the world at this time when it is so needed. This book really is about love, not from a religious or historical perspective, but from an emotional and spiritual perspective. I highly recommend this beautiful work. It is a masterpiece.


A Page Turner and a Mind Opener

This book just fascinated me! What an amazing story! I have always wanted to know more about Jesus and Mary Magdalene and wondered what their lives were really like. And what I learned about them in this book went far beyond any information I have ever found on them elsewhere. Their story (from their own personal perspective) was so realistic, so richly detailed, and so full of real human emotion that it read more like an autobiography. I have no doubt in my mind that this intimate peek into their real lives is more accurate than what history has led us to believe. (I always somehow knew there was more to it all than we've been told). Plus, they shared so many powerful secrets behind how they did some of the things they did, that I was stunned. I actually feel like I got a little spiritual education from them just by reading this book. My eyes were certainly opened to greater possibilities! If you get this book, you'll love all the great bonus material in the back, too. No skimping here, this book is packed with extras and extras and more extras! If you apply some of the practical spiritual teachings in these bonus sections, you might find your life changing in some very positive ways. Fabulous book - a great read - very well-written, nicely organized, kept me interested to the very end. I just got her other book, too. I am so grateful that our consciousness has shifted so much that we can now have access to these beautiful, life-affirming, empowering truths that have been suppressed for far too long.

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