An Excerpt from

The Missing Holy Grail: The Story of Sarah,

Daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

If you have read Divine Union: The Love Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, you now know that the firstborn child of Jesus and Mary Magdalene was their amazing daughter named Sarah Elizabeth. After Divine Union was published, Sarah herself came to me and announced that she wished to express her own story through a series of channeled teachings that was to culminate in my next book: The Missing Holy Grail: The Story of Sarah, Daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Her words are sacred and profound and have the power to transform lives - and even the entire world - in the most beautiful way. As the daughter of two of the most influential spiritual beings ever to walk the Earth, Sarah reveals that she, too, has much to offer the world. See what every breath-taking page will reveal! Starting with the excerpt below:

Chapter 1: In My Own Voice

Dearest Children of the Light, it is I, Sarah. I come to you now to continue the love story of my Mother and my Father. I come now as their voice, as their daughter and eldest child, Sarah. For I am Sarah Elizabeth. I come at this time to carry the frequency of the Divine Union of my Mother and Father. I am also known as The Missing Holy Grail. This may surprise many, for many are searching, and wondering what happened to the Grail. It is I, I am that representation of The Missing Holy Grail. As my Mother and Father united and brought forth my energy upon this planet, they had held the template for the Divine Perfection, and the Divine Balance within themselves. Thus, they were able to physically create my own energy frequency, and I was born with a state of balance and love and harmony that represents the New Earth, the new energy, the new paradigm of Heaven on Earth. As many of you may know, my Mother and my Father held their frequencies at a perfected state, where they were able to raise their vibration and to shift their consciousness into an exalted state of pure unconditional love and peace. And there, as they entered into this amazing frequency, my energy and my essence was created.

I wish for each of you to understand that I come now as the representation, as the voice of the Magdalene, and the bloodline of David, to bring this divine frequency of unconditional love, peace, mercy, and compassion onto this planet. In this new paradigm that is now shifting upon the Earth plane, it will be so much easier for all of humanity to step into this frequency and return to love. Return to pure, unconditional love. And today, I ask you to open your hearts to the beautiful, unconditional love of acceptance, compassion, mercy, and peace. Feel it within the essence of your being. And allow me, Sarah, to create the new template and the new energetic frequency inside of your being. This is the time that the New Earth beings are now being recreated, both those who have been living on the Earth plane and those who are coming in as new souls. All are being recalibrated with the energy of Divine Balance and Divine Union. How important it is for each of you to feel and to sense the pure radiance of the Divine presence, of God’s energy within your being.

And at this time, I step forward to carry on the balance, the love, and the peace, as if my voice holds a resonance and a healing power of love, of great magnificence, and great magnitude for all the world to see and all the world to feel. You see, Dear Ones, it is time for the Sacred Feminine and the energy of the Divine Balance and Union to be brought forward to this planet.

And so today, as I stand before you, I am holding this template for all of you to step into. Divine Balance, Divine Union, how does one achieve this? How does one embody this? How does one hold and carry this frequency within the essence of their being? I say to you, Dearest Children, it is with your intention, it is with the purity of your heart, it is of your desire to return to Oneness with all of life.

And so, Dearest Ones, know that I take my role seriously, bringing the balance and the union that humanity and this planet is so in need of. This is the sacred journey that is to be brought forward at this time. It is why the voice, my voice, Sarah, is to be heard now. Many may not understand, but the Earth plane is now emerging forward into the energy of its exalted state of peace and balance. Over the next 10,000 years, the cycle of peace shall begin for this planet. It has already begun, and I have come to bring forward this representation of my energy so that it can be infused into all who are willing to listen and to hear and to embody the Divine, Sacred Union. Today, as you feel and resonate with my frequency, I ask that you allow me to infuse within you the Sacred Union and template of energy within your etheric blueprint, allowing your physical body, your mental mind, your emotional body, and all aspects of your being to now be in balance. Simply feel this state of grace, of Divine Balance, and Holy Union. Divine Balance and Holy Union, Divine Balance and Holy Union.

My responsibility at this time is to help each soul to return to that state of balance inside of them, and call forth the unity consciousness and the awakening that is felt in the hearts of all souls. I come to each of you today to touch your heart chakra, to awaken you to the presence of the Living God inside of you, the Divine Presence, Holy Grace, Holy Divine Union. Within each of your energy fields holds an essence of purity, peace, tranquility, and love. It has been most unfortunate that throughout the incarnation of the soul’s journey, that many have lost their connection to the purity of God’s Living Light that lives inside of your being. It is why the state of the world has gone awry, and why so many of your individual lives have become convoluted and misdirected. But today, I, Sarah, come, and if you so allow, I will now open your hearts so you now return to balance and Oneness and unity. And feel this ease inside of yourself, that perhaps you’ve never felt before, a greater level of confidence and peace and love. Feeling stronger with each passing day. Feeling your purpose, feeling your sacred mission as the beautiful light bearers that you are.

And to feel the power of the Mother energy nurture all souls and nurture all of creation. And allowing the energy of the Divine masculine to now step forward and to bring this into fruition. To simply activate the frequency and the Divine essence and to bring it onto the earth. Yes, Dear Ones, the energy of receptivity, of the Mother, and of action by the Father energy are all needed now. Many people are becoming afraid, feeling the world is coming to an end. And yet, Dearest Children, the old energy, the old paradigm, the old energy frequencies, are coming to an end. It is the end of the world as you know it, of the consciousness of separation, of fear. And now it is time for the unity consciousness and Oneness, the Law of One that lived in existence in the time of Atlantis shall return, the Law of One. In this year of 2018, a frequency and a vibration is now being brought forward that will bring a unity consciousness to pervade in the hearts of all men, women, and children. This is of grave importance as you understand that this is the healing that will bring peace to the world. After the crucifixion, they believed my Father had died. Even within my family of the Essene community, many did not know that my Father had not physically died. And there was great confusion about his message, about his teachings, his life, and what was to be carried forward after he was perceived to be long gone from the physical world. And so we had to hold these energies, what we call secret, within ourselves. We had to hold these frequencies very close to ourselves until the appointed hour where we could now share the teachings and the messages of the truth that my Mother and Father were bringing forward 2,000 years ago.

And so, today, I bring this to you, so that you may open up your own heart and begin to listen to the still, quiet voice within. What does your truth tell you? What does your heart tell you? What does the energy that you are feeling from your own innate wisdom tell you? Remember, Dearest Ones, I am known as The Missing Holy Grail, I am the chalice that is here for you to drink from. I am here to help you remember the power of the Living God essence within your being. And so, Dearest Ones, as you drink from the chalice, as they say, absorb this information as if you are drinking this in and absorbing it in through your body, like you are literally drinking wine from a chalice. Allow yourselves to feel this energy within your heart opening so that you may begin to feel this balance within yourself, letting go of all that no longer serves you, including all of the soul’s discordant frequencies. You’ve had many, many lifetimes upon your soul journey, and the secret is to let go and to let God. The secret is to transmute your fear into love, and to live from your heart, to live from the place of knowingness. This is the power, trusting within yourself. No longer following the vibration of fear.

This is how we will hold the frequency, holding the frequency. Return to love, return to love, return to love. I ask you to hold this frequency so that you may feel the strength, and know that you are here to change the world. Just like my Father, just like my Mother, you are able to hold the frequency and change the world. This is why we are creating this text for each of you as a template, as a guideline. These words are encoded now with powerful vibrational frequencies of the Divine essence of the God presence, encoded so that you are able to vibrationally receive the love, the peace, the unity, the Oneness into your physicality, into your conscious mind, into all aspects of your being. And then you will shift your vibration, and your physical body will become lighter and lighter. There, Dearest Ones, is what we call the art of non-attachment, you become emotionally, mentally, physically detached from the outcome. The art of non-attachment is simply holding the space of love and being in balance. The art of non-attachment. Being in balance. And so, Dear One, as you hold this frequency, know that your life will shift most beautifully, most expeditiously, most exponentially. Your life is now going to change, begin to feel the presence of the Living God inside of you, feel the presence of the Living God inside of you.

And so, Dearest Children, I say to you, that with each breath that you take, and with each step that you take, please allow yourself to consider how powerful you are. We are bringing this information to you at this time simply because the world is now ready to move into the last era of peace. The last 10,000 years upon your Earth plane are now to be filled with peace and tranquility, and you, Dearest Children, are the forerunners that are continuing to bring this energy onto the Earth plane in preparation for the future generations. Just as my Mother and Father held the foundational frequencies for future generations, I come now to be the spokesperson, I come now to be the oracle, as Sarah, as the representation of their Divine Union, holding the secrets and the keys to what is known as Cosmic Grace upon this Earth plane. More and more individuals are awakening to these frequencies and to the Cosmic Grace and to the truth that my Mother and Father left and etched into the Earth. You see, Dear Ones, the darkness is beginning to subside. This is the year of freedom, this is the year that all souls will awaken to the freedom of the truth of who they are. There is a piercing of the veil, as they say, where more light will now shine forth, and peoples’ hearts will be touched by the information that is being brought forth in truth onto the world.

What a gift that they have brought forward. Today, Dearest Ones, it is of great importance that as you connect to the heart, the energy of love that my Mother and Father left on this Earth plane, regardless of whether you understand the role that my Mother and Father played, it is love that they brought forward for all to step into and all to awaken. And so, today, allow every particle of darkness that has consumed your soul to now be released. Allowing the density of the Earth and the energy of the collective consciousness that has affected you now to be released. Just as Mother, Father, and I were able to call in the eternal flame. And when we would time travel, we were fortunate to move in and out of our bodies and return to our physicality without being affected. And so I am asking you at this time to allow us to help you to clear the density from your soul, your etheric body, and from all aspects of your being. So that you can be a pure template of light, walking in balance upon this Earth plane. Again, Dearest Ones, this is how peace will prevail.

It is not to be a time where there is to be confusion. It is simply that this is another part of the Great Plan for this Earth that my Mother and Father had agreed to bring forward. That is why the symbology, as they say, of The Missing Holy Grail is so pertinent. That is why I am known as the representation of The Missing Holy Grail. Again, I am here to carry on the Divine Plan of my Mother and Father’s footsteps and of the Great Design from over 2,000 years ago. I want you to understand that people are coming forward just as I am speaking, there are many coming forward to assist in the Divine plan of bringing peace to this planet. Multitudes are coming from other galactic and intergalactic frequencies and other star systems, planets, solar systems that are now coming forward, because it is time. The energy has been etched into the Earth, the awakening has been completed, and now this is a powerful time of what we call resurrection. And so the Earth is resurrecting as all souls are resurrecting. That is why people are uprising and calling forth for truth, equality, and freedom. And demanding peace. What a glorious time to be here on this Earth plane, it is my honor to be the voice, to bring this message forward, to be the voice of the Magdalene, and to be the voice of The Missing Holy Grail. I am the voice of The Missing Holy Grail. And so, Dear Ones, understand how important it is as you accept your own assignment to be the peacekeepers and the keepers of light of the eternal flame that lives inside of your being. Go now, My Children, and step forward into this remembrance of truth. Be the light, be the love, be the truth that you wish to see. Be the change that is so needed upon this planet. Change, to return to love, to return to love.

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