Are you seeking answers to a troubling situation?

Do you need clarification on your life issues?

Wondering what your life path is or if you are indeed on the right path?

Curious about your past lives?

Looking for direction?

Needing to understand your relationships?

Want to have a conversation with your own spiritual guides?

Or just want to bask in the loving words of the Angels and Ascended Masters?

A personal reading from Lea Chapin may provide just the opportunity you are looking for to receive the guidance you seek. Lea has the amazing ability to clearly channel loving beings from the higher dimensions, whether that be your spiritual guides, deceased loved ones, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, or other Ascended Masters and celestial beings who wish to help you. Their divine wisdom can shed profound light onto the circumstances of your life and bring you to a clearer understanding of your issues. 

Readings are available by appointment only in half hour or hour long sessions. 
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