Joanne Weiland

Lea Chapin is like a breath of fresh, clean, crisp air! Her authenticity is pure and refreshing. She is such a delight to work with. She allows your interview to flow vs. controlling it. Lea Chapin cares about her listeners and wants to bring them current happenings to encourage them to follow their guides and be all they are designed to be. Twice, I have been interviewed on Inspiration from Spirit Radio Show, and Lea has also interviewed one of our Experts. Every interview Lea does is engaging while educating us on how easy the flow of Spirit really is. It is such a delight working with Lea Chapin. I appreciate her open loving heart.

Dr. Nancy O.

Lea has been a valuable conduit for the flow of love, clarity, insight, and inspirational words.  I believe that working with Spirit through Lea has dramatically accelerated my spiritual development and helped me understand my circumstances in a broader spiritual and more benevolent context. Because of her dedication, my awareness and connection with Spirit are stronger. I am learning to more clearly see the miracles of everyday life, and understand the responsibility of a second chance at achieving my life purpose. I extend great appreciation to her and to Spirit.

Bonnie Hebenstreit

I have been working with Lea Chapin for several years now. But I want to share my most recent experience of a spiritual healing with Lea. I had been struggling with intense joint and body pain for several months, and not knowing the root cause, I scheduled a session with Lea. I experienced a most beautiful healing as she channeled Christ to assist me. As I laid there and listened to Lea, I actually felt the energy moving intensely in both my legs. It was shifting and melding the right masculine side with the left feminine side. I knew that was what was needed and felt immediate relief. I am actually able to stand up straight and walk without limping! Thank you Lea for a wonderful transformation! You truly are a beautiful spiritual healer of such love and light! Much gratitude from my heart to yours!

Amelia Kemp

Reverend Lea Chapin is an authentic channel for spiritual clarity and validation of one's connection to the Source or that which we call God. She has such a beautiful way of translating the words of Christ, Saint Michael, and other Ascended Masters and beings that have transitioned back to pure positive energy. Not only is she able to articulate her impressions that she intuits and hears, she confidently records these 'outpourings of spirit' for seekers so that they can listen to their sessions whenever a reminder is needed of what spirit offered. Reverend Lea's sacred gift of soulful-sightedness belongs in the same caliber as Edgar Cayce, Dr. Carolyn Myss and other modern day clairvoyants. I highly recommend her!


Angela Valentine

I have the highest respect for Lea Chapin. She is so kind, down-to-earth, and gentle-natured that one might never know she possesses the most extraordinary gifts! Let there be no doubt in anyone's mind that her channeling ability is absolutely authentic. Her connection to Divine beings is stunningly powerful!  Because these higher beings have a broader perspective of the "big picture," their guidance consisted of truly enlightening answers. I was blown away by the quality of the clear, specific messages I received directly related to my issues. And I was completely enthralled by the fascinating insights and rich details about my past lives, soul contracts, significant relationships, and deeper meanings to my life's path. I was also gifted with amazing healings that I believe were true miracles! I will forever be grateful for the turning points that have happened in my life because of my readings with Lea.

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